Spring barley following crop

Mr Tree

Sth Yorkshire
With all the spring barley currently in the ground shoehorned into rotational positions and the risks involved with OSR what crops will everyone be trying to follow it with to try and get back into rotation? And create a reasonable margin?

Spring barley borage beans winter linseed
could also follow first cereal spring barley with Winter wheat
in 2019 some wheat after spring barley was comparable to first wheat in terms of margin
but autumn 2018 was perfect for later planted second wheat

I find spring barley followed by a spring crop is very effective in controling black grass


Arable Farmer
1st Spring barley after beans will be second wheat as per usual rotation
2nd cereal s barley on heavy land will be either spring oats or winter beans, as per usual rotation
s barley on light land where winter barley should be will be sugar beet or potatoes as normal rotation
s barley after potatoes instead of winter wheat followed by winter barley as normal rotation
spring barley after sugar beet now replaced in the usual rotation with seed oats


north yorks
3 fields to do,
1st round up harvest ,plough press leave to green up round up , cover crop destroy end jan following slurry on the frost, into sp sown ww and hope we dont have a feb as wet and a march april as dry as this year, as where the sp sown ww in adversity is this year the better 1/2 looks well .Will be interesting to see which yields best feb sown ww or mar sown sp barley here this year ,both cost similar to grow . the experiment !! to see if its possible to gain brownie points by overwintering could leave half as stubble for the future (schemes)

2 nd into grass ley

3rd winter barley before next years grass ley

4 despite my long held belief that sp barley aint worth growing here might see how this years turn out and take autumn workload pressure off reduce costs and have another go but this time planned as some of this sp barley looks well ,

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