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Hi All,
Sorry if this has been covered before. I've planted wheat into spring oat stubble and there is alot of surface trash even after the Mzuri has been through it. Whats peoples views on pre ems? The field is reasonable clean with some BG and a view wild oats here and there. Talking with a local DD farmer they thought Crystal works best. Does the trash offer any supresent to weeds growing?

Charles Quick

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A good mulch can be quite weed suppressive, possibly also having an effect on the crop (see 2 Simons theory)
Get your pre-em sprayed on a damp day with some light drizzle to wash it past the trash and onto the soil. Last year we used Liberator + Glyphosate the day after drilling into knee high cover (no glyphosate was applied before drilling). Worked just fine
never had a problem with surface trash and weed control

when following osr with wheat i have had 10 inches of rape volunteers drilled on the green sprayed off a week after drilling with the pre em

when we used to cultivate plough discordon , burn mintill or disc shakerate and drill herbicide resistance developed

less black grass now due to low disturbance notill and rotation

AGCO reports sales increase of 43.5% compared to 2020 figures

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Written by Agriland Team from Agriland

The tractor manufacturer AGCO, which consists of brands such as Challenger, Fendt, GSI, Massey Ferguson and Valtra, reported its results for the second quarter ending June 30, 2021.

Net sales for the second quarter were approximately $2.9 billion, an increase of approximately 43.5% compared to the second quarter of 2020.


Reported net income was $3.73/share for the second quarter of 2021, and adjusted...