The English Grey Partridge?


Been mowing/haymaking all week and seen a few adults but, as yet, sadly no chicks:(
That is not what I wanted to hear ,but thank you for your reply.
I do wonder whether the Grey Legs have much chance to survive now the raptors can not be controlled.
But I suppose people like Packham and his comrades will twist it round ,that the farmers use of chemicals is the reason the Grey Leg Partridge is not very common.
Not seen any young here yet just barren pairs, but father saw one pair treading the other day so hopefully she might be laying again.
Fingers crossed.
Are greys 25 days incubation ? that's what I work on under broodys ? I have been wrong before.


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Nothing here, even the ones on the garden feeder have not been seen for a long while, not seen any French chicks about either, have seen pheasant chicks about the place.


Quite a few broods here but too early to gauge the success - you can't do that until after harvest as they will have lots of hiding places. Greys don't do "visible" A top tip for knowing there's a pair with a brood will be if you see one dragging a wing - that will be the male trying to divert you away from the hen & chicks.

The rain a couple of weeks ago has nailed the early hatching broods & as above, the hens will be producing the next batch by now. The current sunshine & not excessive heat is ideal bug weather and great for broods (y)

Again, if you see only one, it will be the cock as he tries to draw the threat away from the hen sat on the nest. The worst you can see is a pair because they are either barren or have recently lost their nest or brood.

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