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Discussion in 'Rural Diversification' started by delilah, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. delilah

    delilah Member

    Finished our shearing today, Dorsets and Portlands. Had the young farmers learning the fine art of fleece rolling.

    young farmers 7.jpg

    shearing 18 8.jpg
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  2. delilah

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    Carded batt of our Dorset wool. We will soon be ready to start accepting raw fleece for processing, so if you have a favourite fleece from this years clip you would like to get back as batts then keep it out of the wool sheet :)

    woolshed 26.jpg
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  3. Just thought I’d post this in case it might be of interest to anyone as a possible diversification or add on. My uncle has a company selling all things to do with woolcraft and has built a great reputation over the years. Sadly his wife passed away recently and he is wanting to retire. The company is https://www.pmwoolcraft.co.uk
    Please pm me if of any interest.
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  4. BobTheSmallholder

    It may be a slow burner but I'm really enjoying this thread, keep it up!
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  5. delilah

    delilah Member

    Thanks; we've still got building works going on so can only process fleeces when there's no cement dust in the air. Once that's completed, and we have taken delivery of picker, carder and felter, will be able to pick the pace up a little.
    Pictured some Ryeland fleeces on the drying rack yesterday, most likely destined for felt making.

    woolshed 31.jpg

    woolshed 32.jpg
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  6. BobTheSmallholder

    I think being able to make your own wool and turn it into clothing along with tanning hides is one of the key elements missing from a lot of "self sufficient" smallholdings. I don't want to walk around looking like something out of the stone age but feel like if TSHTF then it's an incredibly important skill to have!
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  7. joe soapy

    joe soapy Member

    Local spinning groups often have the gear, used to be one in tavistock that Mother belonged to,
    She got 4 Jacobs for the fleeces, b-----y tame ram lamb got in with the Sufflok ewe lambs one night and was there for a week
    Not big enough to do any damage it was said..
    The spinners thought the coloured wool would knit up in the same pattern as the skins
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  8. delilah

    delilah Member

    Quick update: Kicking our heels slightly whilst our picker, drum carder and felt roller are being built for us. In the meantime being prepping for a forthcoming course in natural dyeing. Pictured orange (madder), blue (woad) and green (weld over-dyed with woad).

    woolshed 35.jpg

    Mitts, hand spun and knitted from our Wensleydale wool.

    woolshed 34.jpg
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  9. Old Tip

    Old Tip Member

    Any further progress @delilah, we’ve just sent a load of wool of to be scoured and spun so it reminded me of this thread
  10. delilah

    delilah Member

    Yes sorry an update is imminent; the felt roller arrived from Finland a couple of weeks ago, picker and carder on their way from Shropshire this week. Photos soon :)
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  11. delilah

    delilah Member

    Getting to grips with our new toys:
    Electric carder, with picker in background. Both supplied by Classic Carders in Shropshire.
    And the beast from the East; felt roller all the way from Finland.

    woolshed 48.jpg

    woolshed 47.jpg

    woolshed 43.jpg
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  12. PostHarvest

    PostHarvest Member

    In Kyrghyzstan, all they use for felting is a quiet bit of road and a field roller behind a tractor. They make thousands of metres of felt for their yurts. Hey if they can close miles of roads for bike races, why not close them for something productive??
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  13. Old Tip

    Old Tip Member

    @delilah are those mini spinning wheels above your head ?
    By the way we just bought a wool winder and skein holder, makes winding balls a doddle
  14. The Business Barn

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  15. delilah

    delilah Member

    Ha no, full size wheels, it's only the mill that is mini :p.
    We need plenty of wheels for our regular training days teaching all aspects of wool processing. Just held a couple of natural dye workshops.

    woolshed 55.jpg

    woolshed 50.jpg
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  16. Old Tip

    Old Tip Member

    So they are not small just far away :)
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  17. delilah

    delilah Member

    farther ted.jpg
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  18. delilah

    delilah Member

    This weeks new product line :)
    On the outside: Photos of our livestock.
    On the inside: 100% pure wool from our sheep. No synthetics, no microplastics. Hopefully a timely sales pitch.

    woolshed 59.jpg

    woolshed 58.jpg

    woolshed 60.jpg

    woolshed 61.jpg
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