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    Wow, absolutely fantastic following your journey through your photos. Keep up the good work.
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    Thanks :) Don't mind admitting that it has been a quiet month at the woolshed, everyone needed a break after a mad December selling at Christmas fairs and farmers markets. Currently putting together a programme of workshops for 2019 on the various aspects of wool processing, will post details soon.
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    Only just seen this thread (followed link from current thread in livestock &forage).
    Top job, well done(y)
    We occasionally get asked by folk where they can get wool processed - I now know where to send 'em (y)
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    Newport, SE Wales
    looks like a very lengthy process but do think there is a good market for sustainable products. Do you have FB page?
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  6. delilah

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    Gonna make ewe a star. We have been filmed for an episode of Floogals (ask a 5 year old). Interesting experience, and paid better than your average day sheep farming :)

    floogals 3.jpg

    floogals 1.jpg

    floogals 2.jpg
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  7. delilah

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    Upcoming courses at The Woolshed:

    Spinning Day, 27 April.
    We will look at Spinning Wheel mechanics, co- ordination and drafting skills – perfecting your technique to achieve yarn. There will be plenty of time to gain your rhythm to produce two bobbins with plenty of guidance on hand. We will ply our bobbins and explore why we do this. We will make skeins and discuss preserving your yarns naturally. Individually tailored tuition for all, from complete beginners to experienced spinners.

    Fleece Day, 28 April.
    We will process a fleece; grading, scouring, picking and carding. Along the way we will explore all aspects of wool production and use, from sheep breeds and farming systems to fashion and sustainability.

    To book, visit the shop on our website www.spinningearth.co.uk

    woolshed 67.jpg
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  8. delilah

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    Processing Jacob fleeces for a spinner in the Staffordshire Moorlands; found us through TFF :)

    woolshed 64.jpg

    woolshed 66.jpg

    woolshed 68.jpg
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  9. How much would you charge to get raw fleece to this stage? I keep all our coloured wool back and have wondered if there’s someone who could prepare it for spinning.
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  10. delilah

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    Raw fleece through to carded batts is £25/kg. That is incoming weight, so it is time well spent at your end to remove any foreign matter before sending down to us. The customer also has the postage both ways. The best option for this will depend on the weight you are sending; Hermes works for smaller batches, for larger then you are looking at quotes from courier firms or exploring any local leads you may have for anyone coming our way (Ashford, Kent).
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    Made a start on this years raw material for The Woolshed. Good job shearer Marie enjoys having an audience, and nice to get the youngsters involved in quality control.

    shearing 19 1.jpg

    shearing 19 2.jpg
  12. delilah

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    Latest consignment received for processing into batts. Cleverly the customer vac packed the fleeces, reducing the volume and hence shipping cost.

    woolshed 74.jpg

    woolshed 76.jpg

    Spinning course held last weekend; anyone interested in attending one of our training days have a look at the shop on our website

    woolshed 75.jpg
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  13. delilah

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    Full on weekend; Saturday finished shearing, Sunday hosted a training day exploring the history of wool and its role in a sustainable future.

    shearing 19 4.jpg

    woolshed 77.jpg

    woolshed 78.jpg
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    Thoroughly enjoying this thread, only just stumbled across it. I have a friend who is interested in using her own fleeces for weaving but is only at the stage of experimenting with natural dyes. Advice on an initial equipment list and good secondhand outlets would be appreciated I'm sure, if you have the time.....you look incredibly busy, well done and please keep up the thread :).
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  15. delilah

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    Thanks; I'm not really the busy one, I keep them locked in The Woolshed ;)
    If your friend is into natural dyes then our next workshop would be of interest - details below.
    With regards weaving it's not something we have experience of (As an outsider to the dark arts of wool processing I learned early on that a good way to wind a spinner up is to ask them about weaving :LOL:)

    An all day workshop using natural dyes, 20th July 2019.

    Weld, Woad and Madder - the mediaeval three. These sources of yellow, blue and red respectively can give a wide range of colours. Modification of these yields browns, pinks, mauve, khaki and more. Direct dyeing from Woad leaves will be demonstrated plus a method to extract more blue from the leftover leaf-mulch.


    woolshed 80.jpg
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  16. Katarina

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    Shows you how much I know....just like looking at the pretty colours and going :wideyed::). I'll pass the details on, I know she's been hovering around shearing sheds (not being a pervert just picking up "nice" fleeces wherever she can) and scrutinising and bemoaning her seedlings for a few months, but you know the old adage, a watched Woad never grows.....or something.....:scratchhead:
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