1. Joshie

    Spray mixing question

    Evening, If you are mixing say MCPA and Fluroxpyr (minstrel) would you go at 2 litres of mcpa and 1 litre of Fluroxpyr a hectare. Or is there a way of knowing how much of each chemical to mix? Thanks
  2. Shutesy

    Pea and Bean Weevil 2019

    Been back through some past threads on this to try and find some wisdom on these critters. I understand how they work with the adults notching leaves and then the larvae burrowing underground and feeding on the root nodules. Have sprayed in previous years on S. Beans which have grown away...
  3. Flat 10

    Reducing topik rates

    Have plenty of oil how low can I go, wouldn’t normally cut but messed up order :facepalm:
  4. Direct Driller Magazine

    Direct Driller Issue 5 - Contents and Introduction

    We will be adding all of Issue 5 to The Farming Forum - here is what to expect... CONTENTS ISSUE 5 Introduction .....................................................4 Conserving Water with Cover Crops ................................6 Featured Farmer: David...
  5. Jonny_2

    Direct drilling into grass

    Got a field of permanent pasture to reseed and aiming to drill straight into it. Sprayed off two weeks ago then had some p,k and lime. I want to drill straight into it however slightly concerned there is to much old grass still there. Hogs and empty ewes are on it but don’t really touch the...
  6. N

    Anyone bothering with sclerotinia sprays?

    dry Insecticides out of favour so no need to go thru ??
  7. bobk

    Broadway star wetter .

    Would fungs do the job ? normally apply BS on it's own .
  8. 6


    We have a serious problem with rushes. Just wondering if anyone can advise on the best treatment methods before going out to spend a fortune on the wrong thing. Many thanks
  9. Agriland RSS

    New weed management control strategies required for the UK

    Written by Richard Halleron The UK’s approach to weed management investment needs to be overhauled, if the needs of industry are to be met. This was a key conclusion of the first ever major cross-sector review of weed management, commissioned by the Agricultural and Horticultural Development...
  10. D

    Maize seed price and variety

    Hi folks, just wondering how much I should be paying for maize seed and which variety would you recommend for Anglesey, North Wales. I’ve seen prices from £40 acre to £80 at 45,000 seeds/acre.
  11. ajd132


    thoughts? In Suffolk we have only had a couple mm rain in the last month. Personally we have good disease resistance varieties. Can’t find any disease present. Didn’t get a T0 either. If it doesn’t rain do we need to put fungicides on?
  12. 1594mac

    Spray question.....

    I was looking something to control some docks and dandelions etc it has been suggested to use doxstar with some agritox. Has anyone any other suggestions? Forefront etc is out of the question as the silage is sold off so I cant use anything with a restriction.
  13. W

    10,000 lawsuits Glyphosate will be gone shortly.
  14. Sprayer 1

    Most expensive adjuvent

    Just paid £120 for 5 litres of Kantor to go with palio herbicide, seems alot , am i having my leg lifted?
  15. Clive

    2019 t0

    whose planning what (if anything ) ?
  16. nonemouse

    Label v’s agronomist

    one for the TFF collective to think on. Spraying for a customer today, Large amount of one of Bayer’s black grass herbicides to spray. The customers agronomist has done a recommendation sheet (and sent chemical) using a none Bayer adjuvant. Now I dare say the product sent would probably work...
  17. Vizslaman

    Old Meadow.

    As posted elsewhere I bought a 12.5 Acre Paddock 3 years agoand have just sold the standing grass for hay once a year. The grass is of mediocre quality and I have thought about ploughing it up and reseeding to improve the quality and to improve the drainage. I think I read somewhere that if a...
  18. Greythundercloudys

    Very rough rushy ground,

    I've been offered about 15 acre of very rushy ground, it's for free, as its needing some long term improvements, kinda funny bit so lm not ploughing it, the rushes are heaven's high, so cutting them would be a slow hard job, l was told if you roll them down with a heavy roller to break them and...
  19. Chris F

    Adjuvant Register

    I use the HSE Pesticide register all the time to check products, but I didn't know there was also one for adjuvents, so thought I would share: Provides a very easy way to look up adjuvants.
  20. CPM RSS

    Pushing performance – Optimising fungicide performance

    Written by cpm Download PDF Good disease control relies on getting the correct dose of active ingredient to its target. CPM finds out how the adjuvant Kantor can help fungicide delivery and maximise its performance in the leaf. Large molecules, like prothioconazole, can need extra help to get...