baling silage

  1. spin cycle

    bargain for some small doer like myself

    rebadged vermeer :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
  2. danpwll

    best machine for wet straw in swath !!

    what do people rate as best machine for wet straw, old haybob or a quick turn with a rake ?? Tried a swath wilter and did one field and cashed it straight away!!!
  3. A

    Access and vehicular obstruction

    So, have some rented ground, been on it circa 5 years and is located at the end of a fairly well populated area of a local village. There is a bend in the road about mid way along the access and generally speaking I've not had any issues getting in and out with tractor and bale trailer (28Ft)...
  4. Greythundercloudys

    Had it with my 250.

    That me finally going to give up on my class 250rc, spent 1200 on it 10 days ago, roller repair and guy fitting it, only for that 3 roller pressure thing to break a roller today, so after spending thousands on it over 10 years that's the last sort, have to find a contractor to bale the rest...
  5. C

    John Deere 568 Baler

    Good afternoon, I am looking at buying a JD 568 Baler, would anyone be able to tell me what these Balers are like and what to look out for. I would be Baling Silage and Hay mainly. Thank you.
  6. W

    Used Krone Baler??

    Hi Any advice you have on the following would be appreciate, I’ve been reading over the forum, looking for advise on round balers. In the market for a used one. I’ve really enjoyed @DrDunc posts and you got me looking into the Krone, its all green balers around here, men will not hear of...
  7. Derrick Hughes

    Clover Seeding

    Clover Seeding Has anyone used one of these for overseeding clover Thanks for any help
  8. J 1177

    Ultra un-reliable tractor

    After @Cab-over Pete thread about ultra reliable tractors I thought I'd ask. What's the biggest pile of doo doo out there, horror stories etc......It's raining I'm bored. Over to you lads and lasses....
  9. B

    Which baler

    Which baler make s the best baler
  10. J

    Power and machinery costs

    Hi all, just wondering for those who cashflow and yearly budget what you allow for this? Mine is currently forecast to be running at 6.4ppl and am just wondering if that's overkill? That includes doing all my own silage and most cultivations, the exceptions being, spraying, direct drilling...
  11. D

    What baler?

    Always used a contractor but got a bigger tractor now, and fed up of shifting 120cm rounds all day, so looking for a baler to bale straw (bought off the field), hay and poss silage (light cuts or if i cant get silage contractor at the right time) Leaning towards a 120x90 baler but thinking i may...
  12. D

    First baler on a serious budget. Whats good whats not?

    I'm shopping for a baler, don't have a lot of baling to do and will likely upgrade in a few years but to start with I need something under £5k that's a good machine. Don't mind a bit of work to get it right but a machine that's reliable and simple would be good. Bear in mind that although I have...
  13. V

    Fusion 3 plus users

    Following on from my previous thread where I thought my bales weren’t as good as out my old 550 I’m wondering what number setting are u generally using on the touchscreen baling silage? I know it all depends on grass types etc. I’m on mainly heavy first cut. I’m mainly on 8 or 9 on density...
  14. H

    Massey 5709 global

    Has anyone got one of these or similar, has it had brake issues? Mine started pulling to the left when braking on the road, dealer practically replaced the whole brake system to solve the problem. Now it’s doing the same again after a few months. Also today the tractor is now shuddering in 2nd...
  15. ryan1135

    John Deere 550 baler grass kit

    Hi guys I have a John Deere 550 round baler and I am after a grass kit believe it’s a knife to keep grass from wrapping round the bottom roller or at least help I can’t seem to find one wondered if any one had a old scrap baler with the kit on it or even knew what I was on about! Cheers Ryan
  16. Greythundercloudys

    Remembering bagging silage.

    My dad's cousin was over today, he kept 2m away, we were talking about silage time and remembering my old dad and mum and the joys of bagging silage in the mid 80s, sick of square bales, he bought a claas 44 baler and a fiat 680, but it wasn't a great job either, remember bagging bales till it...
  17. Greythundercloudys

    What speed do folk bale at?

    What forward speed do guys bale at, obviously it bepends on crop and hp, but just an average crop and 120 hp and experienced driver??
  18. N

    Vicon rv2166 net problem

    Been baling silage no problem then getting towards the end of the roll it started not wrapping the bale and I had to re insert the wrap into the chamber , did this 2 or 3 times , it would engage the wrap then rip it off .annoying .
  19. onthehoof

    Best undersowing method

    Would like to have a go at undersowing spring barley with grass next year, heavyish clay will be topdowned in autumn and barley drilled as soon as conditions allow following spring, when/how would you sow grass?
  20. B

    Round baler belts slipping

    I recently bought a jd 467ss baler and have been baling damp corn fodder with. When I get a bale bigger than 4 ft I really have to slow down or the belts sometimes slip on the drive rolls and the bale stops turning, what would cause this?