1. B

    selling up

    anyone seriously considering it ? with land prices where they are its tempting if you've no successors and you're a certain age . but !! people selling for 3/4 grand an acre doesn't seem that long ago to me AND what do you do with all that lolly ?
  2. F

    Unnecessary Costs In Livestock Production

    Having been berated about the price of lamb and how people need to pay more for it, if us Peasants are to continue in business producing these lambs, I thought I would start a thread about what could or should be done to reduce the costs that many of us have. Many of these costs are out of our...
  3. Agriland RSS

    10,000 cows involved in pilot methane-reduction programme

    Written by Bernie Commins from Agriland European dairy co-operative, Arla Foods and global science-based company, Royal DSM are set to start a large-scale, on-farm pilot with the methane-reducing feed additive Bovaer, involving 10,000 dairy cows across three European countries. Research and...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Danone reports ‘good’ financial start to 2022

    Written by Aisling O'Brien from Agriland Danone has reported a "good start to the year" with net sales increasing by 7.1% in the first quarter on a like-for-like basis. Against difficult market conditions, the global food and drink company recorded net sales of €6,236 million in the first...
  5. Electricfencer

    Ewes not milking well

    I’m outside lambing and seem to have a far few 1 and 2 crop ewes lacking milk, they are very fit and plenty of grass, they where run on beet for 4 months and I’m thinking maybe they are lacking something. It’s not a major problem but am having to lift some of the twins off and would like to sort...
  6. casemx 270

    How much N spring Barley

    How much N are you putting on your spring Barley ? Thanks
  7. J

    Some help on salaries please

    Hi all, I have been offered a job as a dairy herdsman, 5am start, Breakfast at 9 for 45mins. 2 hour lunch at 1pm, and 5:30 finish. Rota is 6 days on 2 days off. so I have little to no experience with cows, but I do work on farms a fair bit as an agg tyre fitter, so not shy of hard work. (This...
  8. J

    Can I do anything with only 5000 m2? Dexter?

    Hi all, I'm afraid I already know the answer to my question, but I wanted to see what experiences you have! I've been dreaming of getting my own cattle forever, and enjoyed helping my neighbour with his small herd of approx. 15 Herefords for a couple of years now. I only have half a hectare...
  9. C

    Dairy slurry on Spring Barley

    Been thinking about putting some slurry from our dairy cows onto spring barley this year. We have an umbilical kit with 9m dribble bar but no hose humper. What growth stage would be best to apply the slurry causing little to no damage? Any help appreciated. TIA
  10. pappuller

    Maize 2022

    Thought I'd kick this off, what are peoples thoughts regarding seedbed feeding this year ? We are going to increase slurry and apply a foliar n product once the plant is growing.
  11. Agriland RSS

    Boost for tractor sales across Europe in 2021

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Confirmation that 2021 was a good year for tractor sales came from CEMA, the European umbrella organisation for the machinery industry. Nearly 230,000 'tractors' were registered across Europe in the full year 2021, according to numbers sourced from...
  12. TFF

    Rapid and widespread change needed to meet net zero targets for livestock 2022-04-19

    A report published by CIEL (Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock) has identified that greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced from the main livestock types by 23% and ammonia emissions by 15% if wide scale and highly effective mitigations are adopted across UK farms. Published this...
  13. B

    12 months grass weed attack

    Like many others were thinking of reducing crops we plant for harvest 23. Our idea is to spend what we’d normally do on fertiliser and then plant less acres leaving our grass weed fields fallow for 12 months. If we did this we think that multiple chits and burn off would be the best plan of...
  14. Barleycorn

    Here's the chap that got stabbed by the JCB straw grab, absolute miracle.

  15. Jackov Altraids

    How does feed for livestock affect those commodity prices?

    I assume that livestock farming has its origins in being able to convert the non-edible plants into food, to make efficient use of summer surpluses and be a food supply in winter and to eat any waste while their waste had many uses. I recently asked my feed supplier how much of the concentrate...
  16. stroller

    Getting dry

    Anyone else think it's getting a bit dry? No rain for weeks, ground cracking, and no rain forecast.
  17. SwanFarm

    Nat West advert "The intern"

    ITV currently showing the above titled advert with Alison from This Morning working on Jess and Mike's dairy farm. Really nice advert, well done to Jess and Mike if you are on here. We need more adverts like this showing the passion and care that is in modern farming. I didn't know it was a Nat...
  18. Agriland RSS

    American judge confirmed for UK Dairy Day

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Holstein UK is delighted to announce that Adam Liddle from Argyle, New York will cross the Atlantic to cast his professional eye over the 2022 National Holstein Show at UK Dairy Day. Adam and his wife, Nicole, own and operate Liddleholme Farm with...
  19. S

    Has Adam Henson finished on Countryfile?

    Yesterday I was talking to retired farmer who read Adam Henson has finished on Countryfile, and the programmes he is on were recorded some time ago... the vehicles he is driving are supplied free of charge for promotion purposes