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    Compact Tigo offers dual use

    Written by John Swire Fendt now offers 14 models of Tigo forage wagon with capacities of 22 to 45 cubic metres. The Tigo’s advantage is that it can achieve these capacities with a wagon that is up to 20% shorter than its rivals and still double up as a transport wagon. The compact design...
  2. ccp contracting

    Wholecrop oats.

    What would people be paying for wholecrop winter oats , they are only 18 inches tall and in ear .
  3. Greythundercloudys

    One man band silage making.

    The guy who helps me at silage time has been told buy letter to self isolate, he perfectly fine but has to stay inside, at home, so l think l will have to do some or most of my baling myself, is there other who just work away them selves, l will just have to bale 60 bales, then cart them in and...
  4. Joeblue


    Considering upgrading from 1100 to jf 1350, to pick up three swarths and to speed up the operation, 1100 is getting worn also, currentily picking up with 6930 presume I will need 200 hp plus, dont want spfh due to maintenace costs. Any opinions?
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    South West May Online Timed Auction - 12th May

  6. S

    Mtx140 load sensing hydraulics

    I need to work fusion on a mc cormick mtx 140, currently I have no load sensing hydraulic. Can someone describe exactly what I need to fit regarding valve block and sensing line. I have a big return for oil on the rhs. It s a 2002 , withered the side slices. Ideally a photo would be ideal.
  7. Orionn4444


    Does anyone have experience in cutting wholecrop with auger mowers? (Krone B950 collect) over a wholecrop header? The mowers would seem a far more efficient way of harvesting, but worried about the grain losses!
  8. W

    Whats your machinery line up.

    These are my 3 tractors for 2500 acre arable and a few sheep. I love the simplicity and yet have enough tech to do everything I need. 8530 7930 6930 Lowest hours 4400 highest has 6500. but I will keep rebuilding them as nothing else really floats my boat.
  9. Bald Rick

    Silage 2020

    Airedale in first cut .... 100kgN/ha plus 140kg/ha sulphur on yesterday with a bosh of slurry on Monday should see us reet for cutting in 5 weeks Gods willing
  10. Chris F

    Tax relief on Red Diesel being scrapped in budget?

    At least that is what it says in here:£3bn-business-tax-break
  11. H

    Anti farming groups

    I sadly fear this year there voices are getting louder, extinction rebellion, vegans, plus animal rights group are spouting nonse about farming practices* I view when comes to the environment coal power stations do more harm than tractor running or someone eating beef!
  12. B

    Advice on buying a mengele sh 40

    I've read loads of threads about choppers. The mengele seems to come out on top. So is there much difference between the blue and red and the later blue and black 1s. We got 200hp. Is it too much. Read you can get wider pulleys to stop them eating belts. How much does it cost for this. How many...
  13. B

    Baler as Zerograzer

    Neighbour is a contractor, I told him today that I was going getting another lad to zerograze grass for me in spring and Autumn, he would be a bit odd about someone else doing my work. And to be fair hes a brilliant neighbour, I can borrow any machine I need free of charge. I do bits for him in...
  14. P

    Round bales or silage pit?

    Whats the trend heading for in 2020?
  15. M

    Old syle forage harvesters

    Has anyone any old style forage machinery or parts from old machines.....i am looking for flails for a Howard haytimer flail mower and a hitch for a taarup harvester
  16. Phil P

    3 For 2 Trailer Deal

    So, at the moment I have the use of 4 8 ton AS Marston trailers, I own three and one belongs to a family member who farms separate but I pretty much have use of it whenever needed. Anyway next year the family member is winding up and having a sale so I will be one trailer less next harvest...
  17. Bale Moisture Man

    LAMMA 2020 product launch

    I hope that it’s okay to post this here. For the LAMMA 2020 we will be introducing a new liquid applicator product line. Branded as PFC Forage Solutions applicator. These products are available for all types of baler, forage harvesters, self-loading forage wagons and crimping machines We will...
  18. R

    LAMMA 2020 - 7th & 8th January, NEC , Birmingham

    New Landini 5 HC tractors walk tall with up to 44in tyres for maximum crop clearance A new range of Landini four-wheel drive tractors equipped with large diameter row crop wheels all round for extra high clearance will be introduced at the LAMMA show being held on 7/8 January 2020 at the...
  19. Will 1594

    John Deere reducing dealerships

    Heard from a manufacturer rep today ,that sharmans have been given notice on their jd franchise , Dont know any more
  20. M

    Fendt 313/312 tractor warrenntee

    Not even sure we she should be looking at any type of new tractor but after a couple of major repair bills on our older style JD in the last twelve months we are taking a closer look at our running costs. We have always ran JD and have a very good local dealer, but the above fendt with a 8 year...