forage wagon

  1. J

    What size rake?!?

    What are people best size rake to go in front of a forage wagon and a round baler. We do all sorts of cuts from a multi cut system to a one big cut. Just like to know how what they use thank you
  2. S

    Challenger 55 buckrake

    Since opening are second cut silage clamp this week, we found the silage quite loose, at the front edge, we know it will get better once we get further in but we started thinking (or dreaming) what would an old challenger like a class 55 be like to use for clamping? Thinking that the actions of...
  3. ridger

    Pottinger power harrow

    Anyone got a set of new one piece tines lying around? Cant keep the 2 single tines on, and will never have another pottinger, bought it because of the one piece tine then they changed them :banghead:
  4. T

    Pottinger 6010 or pottinger 6510 for 240hp

    Evening all, I was looking for some views on the above, I’m currently running a torro 5100 and looking to go up a size or two for next season and was just wondering what power people are running there combiline 6010 6510? Ground varies from flat to slightly steep. Seen a 300hp tractor on demo...
  5. CPM RSS

    On Farm Opinion – A series of fortunate events

    Written by cpm In a quest to make the most out of their on-farm energy generation, one farmer in Shrops has invested in drying floors powered by heat drawn from an anaerobic digester and ground source heat pumps. CPM paid them a visit. This system actually makes money when we’re drying – it’s a...
  6. fiat 9090

    250 hp plus

    here is a question,im wondering about buying a tractor 250hp to 300 hp to pull a forage wagon the budget is max 30,000 40kor 50k yearand make not important,a bit of weight would be needed any replies and discussion would be appreciated
  7. David.

    Bombproof old bus to pull 6 furrows.

    Just a discussion that arose from the tedium of lugging 4 furrows along at 4.5mph with 100hp in a biggish field. Hypothetically 20k ish budget, comfortable cab, realistically 150hp plus, any non exotic mainstream badge, not as old as TW 25 era. Just idly batting thoughts around, over lunch. No...
  8. J

    Power and machinery costs

    Hi all, just wondering for those who cashflow and yearly budget what you allow for this? Mine is currently forecast to be running at 6.4ppl and am just wondering if that's overkill? That includes doing all my own silage and most cultivations, the exceptions being, spraying, direct drilling...
  9. M


    Anyone got a number for Valtra regional man for the Midlands or someone high up. Tried Agco UK no answer can’t find a number anywhere.
  10. D

    Barn drying hay

    Sorry for starting another hay thread but it would be buried in the other busy hay threads. Do any of you barn dry hay? If so do you do it in batches quickly & then stack or have a fan blowing into the original stack? Some really high tech kit coming out of Austria, I suspect sking money is...
  11. L

    Temperature of haystack

    As of title. I have never previously taken the temperature of the stack but this is a heap of 1500 small bales baled last Friday and unloaded Saturday. When I went up the stack on Sunday to shake loose straw on the top to stop any sweating out spoiling the top layer found very little sweating...
  12. S

    Discount from fendt

    In the local paper RVW Pugh are giving 1% discount on new Fendt equipment but there's a catch more than one machine needs to be purchased It's probably nation wide and not just RVW Pugh , is it a sign of sales slowing
  13. Grassman

    How remote is you farm?

    Was thinking earlier how remote some farms are. We have a 5 minute journey to supermarket, doctor, school, takeaways and nearest farming neighbour. 10 minutes to engineering facilities, hydraulic hose repairs and lots of industrial supplies. 20 minutes to agricultural supplies. 30 minutes to a...
  14. MX7

    First week in use NEW machinery dramas??

    Over the years what are the worst breakages you have had on brand new machines within their first week or so of use. I ask the above as main drive belt broke on the brand new combine at the small estate where my wife is secretary ,on the second day of use this season. Trouble was it cut through...
  15. Greythundercloudys

    Kuhn merger.

    Seen one at work on YouTube, has anyone used or had one this silage season on the farm, what the verdict?
  16. Horn&corn

    Tub mixer magnet

    Thinking to put a tub magnet in. Using a forage wagon more recently and bales. rs agri want £750 for kit. Any other suggestions On suppliers or disadvantages Thanks
  17. MX7

    Haymaking in Ireland Video

    Goggle "Behind the gates series - The Hay Harvest". !!!!!
  18. W

    Here we go - ‘The Countryside Is Racist’

  19. S

    New Holland t7 tier 4a error code 3297

    Hi all. Just wondering of anyone has had a new holland t7 200 tier 4a give a error code of 3297. Have ours on a forage wagon at the moment and all of a sudden started dropping revs to 1400 from pto speed but will still pull at that and doesn't drop below and shows the code. Revs don't always...
  20. C

    Forage Wagons.

    Anybody on TFF use them. Pros and Cons? TIA.