1. Deerefarmer

    Krone Prechop

    Is there anyone using the removable prechop mechanism Krone offers on their big balers? Looking for feedback, are they more headache than they're worth? What sort of job do they do? How tough of crop and what sort of volume can it handle? Thanks
  2. B

    Calving cameras and wifi etc

    After some advice from anyone with a bit of wifi and camera knowledge. I know nothing about the subject so please be gentle and spell things out! I’ve got wifi and internet in the house. The bulk of the farm yard is across the other side of a main road, this has no mobile signal or wifi but has...
  3. Massey_3115

    Older / Classic Round balers

    I’m looking at getting myself a round baler. Only covering about 75 acres straw and 50 acres grass/ hay of my own Just wondering what would be a good make / model to consider, ideally bale hay as 4fts and straw 5fts. New Holland seem quite good value, John Deere 590’s / welfare’s seem to...
  4. S

    Best Bale Size To Sell

    Somebody will know the easiest bale size to sell and use as were looking at square baling instead of round baling.
  5. Farm Classifieds


    KRONE 1290 HIGHSPEED LARGE SQUARE BALER Advert added by: Brockhills of Yorkshire Machinery Details Category: Balers Large square baler Price: £52500 Condition: Excellent Description Used 2014 Krone 1290 HighSpeed BigPack Large Square Baler...
  6. F

    Krone comprima f155

    Looking for a krone comprima f155 xtream.. If anyone has anything
  7. S

    Disappointing silage

    Looking for any advice about white mould in silage. It has been confirmed as mycotoxin of various forms including penicillin type. However we have used bugs additive for last 3 years and silage has not improved . It is a late crop harvested as one crop in early July and is quite dry. Ensiled...
  8. Deepseaman

    Claas , Krone , or sip

    Looking at possibly buying our first brand new mower , currently have a Claas disco 250 , but looking at the above brands , and somewhere in the 2.8 to 3m size. What’s people’s experience with these brands?
  9. Manney

    Ral code for Fendt 818 grey paint?

    I'm having a few panels blast and resprayed on my 818. Can anyone tell me what the ral code is for the grey paint that is used on the body panels and chassis.
  10. Michael S

    Situation Vacant Harvest workers required in Essex July to September 2021

    Harvest workers required for 2021 harvest on 2,000 acre farm in West Essex. The farm specialises in herbage seed production as well as growing wheat, OSR, linseed, peas and beans. The job is to start at the beginning of July and to finish early September (dates to be arranged with you). The...
  11. danpwll

    front mowers? what's good bad and down right useless !!!!

    looking to upgrade the old claas front mower, what do you run and whats a good front?? got a kuhn rear 2003 and she 's been a good reliable bus, got fendt driving them, anybody had a fendt mower ? or are they just a fella in disguise ?
  12. organicguy

    Class 2700 rake

    Our rake hit a telegraph pole last year! Replaced the bent arms but one does not clear the ground properly so assuming we have something a little bent inside. Any tips on splitting the rotor? TIA OG
  13. N

    Vicon tedders

    Any one running 9 or 11 meter tedders Priced a 11 meter seems keen compared to Others For own use I'd be tempted or should we be looking elsewhere
  14. daveydiesel1

    Claas wagons

    Why is it that theres hardly no claas forage wagons sold? Is there a problem with them compared to strautmann, poettinger or krone or are they just to expensive? Seems odd that they arent more popular as claases grass equipment always sold well as in harvesters mowers and rakes
  15. S

    Rakes - Twin vs Single

    I'm wondering how people get on with single rotor rakes vs twin, previous threads have said that the rows end up too uneven for baling with a single rotor rake and twin is the way forward, others have said they're absolutely fine. What is the consensus? We use a three cut system cutting 40ac 3...
  16. Deerefarmer

    Claas vs krone triples

    So we've been running krone B1000/f360 mowers, have been pleased with them for the most part, very well built robust mowers ,wear parts are expensive,imo Have a good deal on equivalent claas triple setup so we're curious what other owners/operators opinions are concerning claas reliability and...
  17. GAM

    PTO Guards

    As being pulled by the PTO shaft guard Police, and quite rightly so... Can you buy new PTO guard end cones to fit a 50mm coupling? Can you buy the adjustable PTO shaft guards, as I can only find fixed length ones available?
  18. Mark Hatton

    Which factors influence your machinery purchases most?

    This is driven by my curiosity and a thread from earlier today. Which factors influence where you purchase a new machine from? I realise there are many, cost of ownership, depreciation, dealer backup, warranty etc. Do you buy by brand as that’s what you’ve always run? Is your local dealer...
  19. M

    JF Stoll 555 Tedder?

    Whats peoples thoughts on these machines. Only be doing 30-40 acres a season mainly Hay some Haylage. Currently using a Haybob.
  20. LAMMA365

    LAMMA365 has arrived