1. Bossfarmer

    New combine cost

    Can anyone tell me roughly the new on farm price after negotiaion for a new mid-decent sized claas/nh combine say 25ft, ive not looked at shifting mine yet but i thought 250k would be about right now or could an ex demo be got for nearer 200?
  2. M

    Bank loan security - release or not?

    I had a phone call from the bank yesterday about some land they hold as security for a loan that we paid off a few months ago, asking whether we want them to release it or keep hold of it in case we need another loan in the future. What are the pros and cons? It is unlikely we'll need another...
  3. Wobblebox

    Best business bank?

    I know the title is a bit of 'the best of a bad bunch', but due to circumstances i dont wish to discuss here, im looking for the best bank to open a business account with. N.b. this will be for an agricultural business
  4. N

    New Holland Tractors

    We are looking at purchasing two new tractors and New Holland are very competitive, however we keep hearing they have reliability issues and downtime can be very expensive, does anyone have first hand experience if this is correct or is it just gossip, we are looking at a T315 & T270 and have...
  5. tr250

    Stick or mig

    I’ve always had a stick welder and consider myself a decent farm welder but certainly no professional. I’ve been given a little mig welder and am struggling to get to grips with it it’s only 160 amp but I was hoping this was enough for Gate fabrication while I practice and the plan was maybe...
  6. O

    Bad debt insurance

    I'm looking for something like bad debt insurance. I am looking at buying some equipment, but the company I am buying from want a large proportion up front. They are a relatively new company, and companies House says they don't have a lot of cash about. Is this something that can easily be...
  7. B

    Agricultural banking

    Hi all. Here in Norfolk we've lost our Barclays agricultural managers,and have to use a centralised agricultural team, no more discussing rates over coffee and hobnobs. How are others getting on with banks and are they doing the same thing. Cheers
  8. C

    Which company does your Red Tractor inspection

    Looking at the alternatives I’m currently with NSF Who do you use??? Is Acoura better?
  9. bobk

    Will Scotland vote Leave ?

    Possibly .imo
  10. M

    TSB online, anyone else suffering?

    username,password, memorable info, one time security number then after all that it seldom works. Maybe time to change banks but is that a mistake?
  11. Whitepeak

    Which Bank?

    We need a new bank for the farm business. Up until recently dad has been trading as a sole trader with a personal account with santander. Now I've become a partner in the business so we need a business account, hence why we need a new bank/account. We've narrowed it down to the ones with...
  12. Foregoneconclusion

    Changing my Puma. For 140 hp with Loader recommendations!

    As title says. Its time to change out to fresher machine and would like to get a tractor with a loader. My puma is my front line tractor doing anything from trailer work through to primary and seconday cultivation and grass seeding. So don't want a big lump of a machine but would like to try...
  13. B

    Borrowing money

    Best institution to borrow money to buy some land
  14. Hilly


    How come so much demand for prettt much everthing ? Well everthing I try to buy lol get told 15 20 week wait demand is so high etc etc Disney make sense to me blaming Covid and brexit you think these things would ease demand not ramp it up ??
  15. puntabrava

    Recommend a bank please

    I have banked with Lloyds for 45 years, the Level of service has deteriorated over the last five years, I have been moved to a belligerent Edinburgh round table of cheap salaried degree holders. I wished to renew a one year lapsed 50k overdraft facility to buy a few secondhand lorrys that are...
  16. jimmer

    Cack handedness

    As above
  17. H

    Best Hand moisturiser

    About to start calving. My hands normally get dry and hacked during calving. Can anyone recommend a good hand cream. preferably not to oily/ greasy. Thanks
  18. Grassman

    Pension or property

    Getting to the age where pension time is not too distant. Have many of you actually got one or like me always had "more important" things to spend money on?
  19. nonemouse

    HSBC “safeguarding”

    Anybody else getting so pee'd off with this process of ‘identity verification’ and information gathering that they are prepared to tell them where to stuff their bank accounts? I’ve wasted hours on this in last 2 months, between various business accounts and partners private accounts and...
  20. teslacoils

    Will you keep wearing a mask when you don't have to?

    Looks like 22nd June is going to be "National Burn Your Mask And Hug A Stranger Day". But are you going to keep your on?