1. S

    Is the answer to UK livestock sustainability

    Insect protein? To replace soya?
  2. slim shiny

    Farmers weekly 1974

    Father in law showed me a copy he had. Working on the price of the magazine then to the price of cereals a ton of wheat today should be £1298 🤔
  3. Wolds Beef

    Tesco CEO - Comments on food waste!

    @JP1 or @Chris F There is an article about food waste in the Daily Wail online and I am sure our farmers and Hort boys would love to comment on how hypocritical this guy is. Please put a link! WB
  4. Farm Business RSS

    Fine tuning strategies to achieve successful crop desiccation

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Following their first full season of diquat free desiccation, and potentially armed with greater knowledge gleaned from “real” non-trial conditions without a diquat safety net, many potato growers should now have an even better understanding of what it...
  5. Agriland RSS

    Desiccating potato crops: What are the options in 2021?

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland With diquat no longer available (Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland), Irish potato growers will have no option but to look at other crop desiccation options over the coming weeks. This issue was the focus of a farm demonstration, hosted by the...
  6. D

    Correct Spraying Rate on a small sprayer

    Hi, this might be an odd question because I'm an engineer, not a farmer... How do people make sure they are spraying at the correct application rate on small sprayers (<500l like this one: https://www.silvannz.co.nz/silvan-sprayers/eco-500l-linkage-sprayer/)? From what I've seen they just have...
  7. C

    Hello and Welcome.

    France is to get another £50 Million + of our money on top of what they already get to stop this happening. Something is very wrong in our border security and home office to allow this invasion every day. What is it costing to keep all these people ?
  8. Agriland RSS

    Producer organisations set to provide ‘funding relief’ for growers – NFU

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The short-term transition of producer organisation funding by Defra provides welcome relief for growers and avoids a funding gap that could have had a significant impact on horticultural businesses, according to National Farmers’ Union (NFU) horticulture...
  9. puppet

    Cutting the Wrong Field

    I cut a field of hay a few miles away and next door were some lovely silage fields. The owner farms 3 miles away and will never be there apart from silage time. I wondered if anyone has cut, ploughed or sprayed the wrong field because nobody was around. Or maybe cut and baled it BECAUSE the...
  10. thesilentone

    When is the time to confront the elephant in the room ?

    Our action to negate or slow global warming is clearly not going fast enough. I don't point the finger at the UK exclusively, we are far from the worst offenders, however in general, are we doing enough ? Looking at Agriculture alone, currently social media is full of pictures of tractors...
  11. D

    European floods

    Now Germany is hit along with neighbours. Its usually Spain that seems to get the worst floods alternating with desert type droughts. 65 people lost their lives, that is really bad. When we had the flooding that hit Sheffield, perhaps one or two deaths only. The countryside won't be reported...
  12. S

    Claydon drill

    Would a Claydon drill work in a ploughed situation? Specifically a trailed one with the front press tyres. Looks like a good solution, this would give me the option of dd cover crops into stubble. Bit of dd into covers if I can get that to work etc etc. I also want to put fert down so the twin...
  13. Agriland RSS

    CAFRE to host potato haulm flailing workshop

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland A field day run by the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) will help potato growers with alternatives to Diquat. The workshops, run with the support of Grimme, will highlight how to set flailing machines correctly to provide a...
  14. Hutchinsons News

    Using farm trials to build more sustainable farming systems

    Using farm trials to build more sustainable farming systems Farm trials provide an excellent test-bed for the latest tools and technology in real-world situations, but often results can be considered in isolation, potentially overlooking the complex interactions across farming systems...
  15. Agriland RSS

    Tamworth potato processor fined over £21,000 for pollution incident that killed over 450 fish

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The Environment Agency has successfully prosecuted Edima Holdings Ltd. – a Tamworth potato processing company – for causing a pollution which killed over 450 fish. Cannock Magistrates Court fined the company £6,500 in a case heard on Wednesday, July 7...
  16. Chris F

    National Food Strategy

    I see the Nation Food Strategy due out next week has been leaked to the papers. Write up in the Times today. Aims - "break the junk food cycle" Headline - "Free fruit and Veg planned for the poor" Mentions for eating Algae instead of meat. A "meat tax" is not going to be included, but...
  17. Pan mixer

    World Meat production

    I came accross this graph and I thought that it was very interesting.... I was surprised by how much goose and guinea fowl was produced and presumably eaten and that the poultry had gone up so much since I was born (coincedentally when this graph started) The size difference between...
  18. Agriland RSS

    High disease pressure for cereals and potatoes across the UK

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland With disease pressure high and the crop protection programme for cereals concluded, yet another challenging season of twists and turns is heading to an interesting culmination. Cereals have good potential, however, with the high level of disease...
  19. Cab-over Pete

    How Much Ground Do Agronomists Cover?

    Aye up, Just wondering after 2-3 similar conversations with customers over the last couple of weeks. One of them has an agronomist that looks after around 6000 acres and told him there is no way anybody could look after more and do it properly, but another says his agronomist looks after...
  20. AHDB Podcast RSS

    285: Potatoes: Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research – what next?

    285: Potatoes: Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research – what next? Written by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board In this AHDB Food & Farming episode, Jimmy Phillips interviews Rob Clayton, our Sector Strategy Director for Potatoes, to discuss how the planned wind down and transition...