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    Question for Red Tractor on their Facebook post

    I've asked the following question on a RT Facebook post. Let's see what their answer is... The Facebook post, and twitter post... https://fb.watch/aBrG2xj5k9/
  2. B

    digested on potato land

    hi as the price of chemical fertiliser has goen sky high this year im thinking of applying digested as a sorce of fertiliser and was wondering is there any1 on here has used it before on potato land as ive never used it and looking information about it ie how did crops grow with it and would it...
  3. Agriland RSS

    FUW slams Asda for removing 100% British beef pledge

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW) has written to Asda regarding the supermarket’s decision to step away from its pledge to source 100% fresh British beef just weeks after implementing the pledge. The letter comes after farmers from across Wales...
  4. CopperBeech

    Great article in The Times

  5. J

    16ton grain trailer

    Forgetting price what are peoples thoughts comparing stewart drt and ktwo trailers. Cheers
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    Scrapping milk Use-By dates good news for UK dairy industry – RABDF

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The decision by Morrisons to remove Use-By-dates from milk packaging to avoid food wastage is welcome news for the dairy industry, according to the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF). From the end of January, the retailer will replace...
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    Use-by dates removal welcomed

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The decision by Morrisons to remove Use-By-dates from milk packaging to avoid food wastage is welcomed news for the dairy industry, according to the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF). From the end of January, the retailer will replace...
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    UK supermarket to remove ‘Use By’ dates from milk

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland Morrisons supermarkets will remove the ‘Use By’ dates on 90% of its own-brand milk from January 31, to encourage customers to use a ‘sniff test‘ and help to reduce food waste in the home. The dates will be scrapped from the chain’s own-brand British and...
  9. Chris F

    Foresight Obesity System Map

    This was brought up at the OFC - it was part of a report used to find out why obesity exists in a population. I had no idea just how complex is was. A full scale version is here...
  10. A

    Situation Vacant Assistant Farm Manager - Pembrokeshire

    Sector: Mixed Farming The Opportunity: A rewarding opportunity to manage and conduct the day-to-day technical operations of a variety of crops on an outstanding mixed enterprise farm. You will plan, walk, and tend multiple varieties of potatoes, brassicas and cereals. You will work closely...
  11. R

    Anglian Water Pipeline

    Anyone else got the joy of Anglian water putting a new water pipeline through their farm , its running from Grantham to Colchester . They want to start digging trial trenches this month!
  12. Direct Driller Magazine

    AHDB: Strategic Farm Report December 2021

    Tis the time of year to reflect on progress, thing you’ change and things you’ll keep just as they are. In this spirt, its time to review progress at AHDB’s Strategic Farms and share some results with you. From the 15 of November, we ran Strategic Farm week with four distinct themes. Can...
  13. mf298

    Community Larder

    We have a number of these in our area, taking in "waste" or out of date food from local supermarkets. Firstly, I can't get my head around the fact so much food is produced and then not consumed! I saw a figure of 15 million tonnes in 2015. Also wonder if the retailer claims some kind of brownie...
  14. Hilly

    Self sufficient

    Germany 93%, I’m impressed .
  15. Direct Driller Magazine

    Practical Soil Biology

    Written by Robert Patton from Plantworks UK ‘It was a new day yesterday but by God it’s an old day now’. The briefest of reflections on the COVID I could dream up, courtesy of Jethro Tull (worthy of pointing out to the younger audience not the chap that developed the seed drill). While we...
  16. cousinjack

    Telehandler vs tractor for daily chores ?

    I have lately been wondering whether feeding up our cows every day with a telehandler is as efficient as it appears?? telehandlers by their very nature are fuel hungry with big engines, torque converters and heavy weights? With diesel going up as it is - I’m going to experiment with running...
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    Clarkson to close Diddly Squat farm shop until March

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Jeremy Clarkson has announced that his Diddly Squat farm shop will close for the months of January and February to facilitate repair work to the shop roof. The shop, which became a star attraction after the hit Amazon Prime show Clarkson’s Farm, has...
  18. Bald Rick

    Naylor’s Cabbage Factory

    https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/home/lincolnshire-farm-to-build-worlds-first-cabbage-derived-protein-factory/662388.article https://www.foodingredientsfirst.com/news/naylor-farms-on-track-to-turn-cabbage-crops-into-a-highly-sustainable-and-nutritious-protein-source-says-ceo.html £20m to build a...
  19. B

    Chrismas Food Thats Declined Over The Years?

    Got me thinking this christmas about the types of food that was eaten back in my youth, 1960s-70s that arnt so common, popular, dying out? remember dates in a narrow wooden box? nuts nuts, such as brazil nuts, walnuts, celery i remember as kids my uncles loved a nice bit of celery ?
  20. W

    Did you enjoy your Red Tractor Christmas dinner?

    Obviously everybody was looking for the RT logo when buying their Christmas food, so how was it? Did it taste better than the imported stuff that isn’t assured? Or anybody like me now actually buy stuff that does not have the logo on purpose?