red tractor

  1. Bald Rick

    Be Aware ... PETA advert

    Emailed to Glanbia producers by our buyer, Dylan. Advert in Daily Post (so assume other regional papers too)
  2. Agriland RSS

    UK beef prices could well take off over the next few years

    Written by Agriland Team If I was a betting man, which I am not, I would take a serious punt on UK beef prices strengthening significantly over the next five years. I make this prediction on the back of one very obvious fact: Since leaving the European Union (EU), the UK has had the absolute...
  3. Daniel

    British Sugars Penultimate Sugar Campaign. 2021/22

    Ahead of tonight's online bunfight, I thought I'd start a new thread for this year's beet crop. I assume all growers have signed up for the meeting? With the 3 year contracts ending next year, this year could be the 2nd last year of having a viable sugar industry in this country. Or maybe...
  4. CPM RSS

    NFU Conference – Dynamic vision for a market that rewards

    Written by cpm Download PDF At last month’s virtual NFU conference, Britain’s leaders presented their plans for farming, but how should policy progress? CPM talks to Minette Batters. If the market wants farmers to raise standards, it has to reward them for doing so. By Tom Allen-Stevens Arable...
  5. Still Farming

    Mass Trespass?

    What's all this circulating???
  6. AIMS

    New Red Tractor TV Advert

    Have just seen this from Red Tractor
  7. Farm Business RSS

    Red Tractor launches new marketing campaign with TV ad

    Written by Iain Hoey A new animated television advert promoting Red Tractor food and farming standards will air begin airing today (March 22), kickstarting the assurance scheme’s biggest ever marketing campaign. The advert will premier during ITV’s The Chase, which is regularly watched by up...
  8. B

    Red tractor advert

    Just seen the the latest Red Tractor advert on you tube, need I say more it looks like it's made by kids & just about suitable for the CBBs kids channel, I'm sure we would be far better paying our subscriptions to McDonalds!
  9. Pasty


    I've just done mine online but got quite annoyed about the prying nature of the questions. Its illegal if I don't tell them this stuff and they can fine me £1000 (yeah right). But why do they want to know so much personal detail? Is that legal to demand that under threat of legal action? I have...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Great British Beef Week is ‘going green’ for its 11th year

    Written by William Kellett British beef farmers are to receive industry-wide recognition at the end of April, with their support for sustainable production practices being the focal point of Great British Beef Week 2021. The campaign is to take place between April 23 and April 30, with...
  11. Laggard

    Mice in combine cab

    Bloody mice have been eating the seat in the cab. We sent the ferrets in. Anybody know if you can get naphthalene moth balls from abroad sent to UK?
  12. Wobblebox

    Trailer for moving muck

    I’ve been offered some pig manure from a local farmer, does Farm Assurance allow me to use a grain trailer to move it (and use it for grain again) or are the rules similar to TASCC?
  13. D

    Has Red Tractor ever helped the farmer?

    As per the title When there has been any sort of dispute between farmer selling corn, cattle or whatever product it may be to the next person in the chain. has RT assurance ever given proof that the farmer is right and the Mill or other outlet etc is wrong And in any of these disputes has RT...
  14. principal skinner


    Should the AHDB continue to partially fund Red Tractor unless we see a change of direction and an equal to imports level of assurance? Yes or No
  15. C

    Relief milking insurance

    Best place to get relief milking insurance?
  16. Soya UK


    Soya UK is doing a Zoom presentation this Friday, 19th March at 10.30am. An opportunity for growers to tune in and hear the latest developments with Soya & Millet. This will include a question and answer session. Email [email protected] if you would like the link to attend.
  17. A

    The Folly of Embryo Transfers

    An article in the Scottish Farmer, by a well-respected beef and sheep pedigree breeder, suggests that embryo transfers might be doing a great disservice to the industry. Many of the breeds flushed, have distocia problems, and their embryos are placed in recipients of breeds with far fewer...
  18. D

    Any Future.

    Been in the indrustry since i was 14 now 51. The constant bombardment from organisations, groups and people i ask myself is there any future in this indrustry?
  19. S

    Old milking parlours for small herds

    Hello all, Is it wanting to know if anyone is still milking small herds or any size herds in older style parlours e.g. byres, step up parlours or abreast. It would be interesting to see some photos of them if possible also how long does it take you to milk the cows through it. Many thanks all.
  20. D

    No Assured Wheat

    Is there a market for Non Assured Wheat or is it just small amounts