1. Sid

    Get your tasty oat liquidish (edited) here Mmmm delicious!!
  2. Wooly

    Grazing maize stubbles

    Before I put my ewes on our maize stubbles that were combined yesterday, is there anything detremental to the health of our sheep by grazing them ?
  3. jerseycowsman

    How much nitrogen fert can I save by using dribble bar?

    As above really. Is there any difference between dribble bar and trailing shoe, ie can I graze it any quicker after trailing shoe than dribble? How soon could I graze after dribble bar/trailing shoe application. Can I cut out artificial nitrogen altogether on my grazing ground or silage ground...
  4. A

    Going to have a Swale of a time! (I hope)

    So, rightly or wrongly, I've bought (well on behalf of my boss) 195 Swale ewes to replace a portion of my NCC flock. Gathered up next to the loading banks at Kendal yesterday. Had a grand day down south, prices up about £20 on the year but managed to get some that I liked for for an average of...
  5. R

    So who has started drilling ?

    Normally try and drill first ten days of October but last two years have been caught by heavy storms just after drilling that has gone on for months, thinking of going early this time, what's are others doing ?
  6. C

    Herbal leys for dairy cattle grazing

    Moving over to herbal leys here for dairy cow grazing (holsteins on conventional system). Drought prone soil and low summer rainfall are main reasons. Lots of advice out there but seems more beef/sheep than dairy focus. So for dairy cows... Who's got them? What do you put in them? Are the...
  7. Wigeon

    Tell me about chafer sprayers

    Getting to the stage where my old Bateman is due for a change. Have spotted some 2nd hand chafer sentry 5000s with 36m booms, and wondering about them. Are they any good? What is a pressure based system like compared to flow? Anything to watch for? Not having an engine, wheel motors, etc...
  8. CPM RSS

    Lamport trials – The good, the bad and the ugly

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF The Agrovista trial site at Lamport in Northamptonshire has matured into a hive of information and reveals how changes in rotational management affect blackgrass populations, crop yields and soil health. CPM visits the trials and finds out its...
  9. Flat 10

    Organic soil rotation

    If you haven’t got irrigation so limited appeal to potato/veg growers what crops are any good on black land? Sugar beet and wheat on their own aren’t enough really. Residuals don’t work very well so BG an increasing problem. Any thoughts? Letting for maize or turf is not appealing/appropriate...
  10. M

    Ineos Grenadier and Land Rover Defender

    Had a chance to look around both of these at the Festival of Speed at Goodwood last week. Is there anyone on here running the LR yet? And anyone tempted by the Grenadier when it becomes available next year?
  11. steveR

    Charging EV at home?

    Starting to wonder should we go EV for the runabout as a "toe in the water" exercise... I have looked around at charging options and it is obvious, a dedicate charger makes sense. However, is it possible to use Economy 7 for this task? We have PV already, feeding through an Immersun into the...
  12. bobk

    Would you buy an electric vehicle POLL

    Fairly sure of my answer , 2 questions , no fence sitting
  13. L

    Is it worth it ?

    Normally cows leave the paddock at 3 o’clock and are released back to the paddock about 515. The last few days I have tried to let them go as they are milked. It is nice to see about 10% of the herd already leddown when I go to shut them in at 5:30. However to exit the cows are turning 180° and...
  14. tomildinio

    Pumpkins herbicide

    Have transplanted out my pumpkins and watering them in today. Been harrowing weeds last few years to mixed results. I've read flexidor and kerb can be used over the top. What rates and in a mix together or just pick one? How late can you apply over the pumpkins? And are squash the same? Much...
  15. Hilly

    Line one Herefords Interesting artical for anyone wanting to understand and know about line one Hereford cattle .
  16. L

    Worsening blackgrass/ryegrass problem.

    I'm in my fifth year of strip tilling following a more traditional plough/power harrow based system. I had some decent results in the first few years but the last two wet autumn /winters have not been so great. My main problem is the blackgrass is getting out of hand, I don't think my...
  17. W

    Blackgrass chemical attack

    I know there’s another general BG thread but this is just a particular question about chemicals. Basically what are your ‘chemical’ approaches to BG. We aren’t doing a proper job so looking for ideas please.
  18. jerseycowsman

    Grass growth?

    Does anybody reckon their grass is growing at 150 or even 200 kg/dm a day. It wouldn’t surprise me, grass is so good at compensatory growth?
  19. Agriland RSS

    GrassCheck: NI grass growth down 32% for year so far

    Written by Rachel Martin Grass growth in Northern Ireland for the season so far is down almost a third compared to the 10-year average. The figures relate to plots at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) Hillsborough, which are used as a control site for grass growth research in...
  20. D

    Black grass 2021

    Up until now we have not had a problem with black grass. But one field seems to have got away on us. It’s first wheat after osr and would expect it yield about 10t/ha. There is not enough grass to effect the yield but too much to pull by hand. The area is about 12ac which would be about 4% of...