1. Jerry

    Farm Map

    Im looking for a map to hang on the wall of the office, ideally showing field boundaries etc. and with a wipeable surface so I can add notes as required. Has anyone done something similar and any suggestions for a supplier?
  2. W

    AHDB fungicide strategy 2022 interesting

    For some reason I can't post the video if someone can please do. Go to about 48 mins in and there is a farmer called Angus from Yorkshire who Is not using fungicides but concentrating on plant health and nutrition. I find this very interesting as we did some on farm trials and saw very similar...
  3. DrDunc

    TFF promoting carbon capture rip off

    Just received an email from TFF promoting a company who want to sell farm carbon credits to big industry. What a bàstard rip off company! Why are TFF promoting companies like this? On the company's website they give an example of the annual income expected from sales. The annual fee they take...
  4. Clive

    Will Putin invade ?

    As the wheat prices seem almost completely dependant upon news about this right now which way does the crowd wisdom of TFF think things will go in the Ukraine ?
  5. Danllan

    Vlad is moving troops home - or so he says...

    So, either he's realised how much trouble he's in and is being sensible, or he's diverting attention...
  6. davidroberts30

    Rpw rules to plough pp

    There was a time we had to do a fm4 form before ploughing permanent pasture Havent heard about this lately, is this still the case Got a few fields I want to reseed In Kim jon drakfords wales
  7. D

    FG2 sheep netting fencing on Mid tier stewardship

    We have got 3000m of FG2 (sheep net fencing) to do under the capital grants scheme. It specifies that you need to use 1.8m long stakes and 2.15m long straining posts. We would normally use 1.65m (5ft 6in) stakes and 2.1m (7ft) long strainers. I'm thinking of going for the 6ft stakes, but very...
  8. The Guardian RSS

    Satellite technology creates virtual grazing areas in Epping forest

    Satellite technology creates virtual grazing areas in Epping forest Written by Robin McKie from the Guardian Satnav keeps cows safe without the need for fences and lets woodland thrive Epping Forest has swaths of designated land that is home to adders, grass snakes and common lizards, as well...
  9. Chris F

    How greenhouse gas emissions are calculated...

    There is definitely some creative accounting going on when it comes to greenhouse gases and sources. The scary bit is that this then drives legislation. This one is pretty impressive though to just be omitted from the calculations: "Leaks from oil and gas wells spew 8 million metric tonnes...
  10. Greythundercloudys

    Russia&china v the world.

    Very interesting watching the news, you wonder what's round the corner. Very weak us president. This Ukraine things not going away.
  11. Agriland RSS

    AgriArgo revamps its mid-range tractors

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland AgriArgo has taken its mid-sized tractor ranges up a notch with power increases and a new transmission which features 24 ratios in both forward and reverse. The main highlight in both the Landini and McCormick model ranges is the new transmission which...
  12. Boomerang

    Argentinean corn in your corn flakes

    Why are we importing Argentinean corn to make corn flakes ,?whilst growing thousands of ha to chuck into ad plants . Madness yet again.
  13. B

    Invasion bets

    So what's people's bets at the moment. I'd wager a tenner on military escalation by end of next week.
  14. W

    Tonga Volcano

    I wonder how the animals are doing on Tonga if they are outside along with a covering of ash ?, I believe they get some/ all their water from collecting it from roofing, can't see that working if there's ash on everything, they're not mentioning it on the news.
  15. Jerry


    Any one signed up and using Starlink? Good or bad experience?
  16. TFF

    It's Time to Up Your Scouting Game

    It's Time to Up Your Scouting Game Field scouts are using the AgroScout drone-based data collection and AI platforms to find bugs & disease and estimate emergence stand count earlier Web App This is where the “real magic” comes in. The Web App WebApp with AI Reporting & Analysis platform...
  17. W

    Petition to reform the new landscape schemes We all know these need proposals are rubbish and all the money will go to large landowners and estates, so let’s get it reformed so it gets onto normal sized farms.
  18. Hutchinsons News

    Managing Nitrogen with a Realistic Eye on Yield Potential

    Managing Nitrogen with a Realistic Eye on Yield Potential With Nitrogen prices at an all-time high, it is more important than ever that growers realistically evaluate the true yield potential of their crops. Chris Hoskins, Hutchinsons Digital Farming Manager for the South, shares his views on...
  19. B

    Upgrading Trimble signal

    Hi I have recently purchased a new to me sprayer which has Trimble CFX-750 screen running section control and EZ steering through an AG25 receiver. Currently it is running on the free EGNOS signal. I would be interested to hear others opinions, would the EGNOS signal be good/accurate enough...
  20. Janet Hughes Defra

    New information about local nature recovery and landscape recovery

    Morning all and happy new year. Further to the information we published about the Sustainable Farming Incentive in December (see, today we're publishing information about the 2 other new...