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    Calls to remove silage wrap from proposed plastic tax

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland The National Sheep Association (NSA) is calling on Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to remove silage wrap from the plastic packaging tax due to be effective from April 1, 2022. The association said that at a time when costs are increasing for...
  2. waterbuffalofarmer

    Pure lleyn sheep for sale (pedigree and non pedigree)

    Pure lleyn sheep for sale, mix of pedigrees and non pedigree. Beautiful temperaments, good lambers. Good genetics. More info available
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    New CAFRE Technology Demonstration Farm selected

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Sheep farmer Clement Lynch’s 525-ewe farm has been selected as the newest College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) Sheep Technology Demonstration Farmer (TDF), under the theme of Grassland management. The Lynch family farm consists of...
  4. Clive

    Getting paid for straw ?

    What is it about straw buyers that thinks they don'y need to pay or can run their business on my cashflow ? happens over and over, diferent buyers same sob stories, without doubt the worst payers in British farming next time a livestock farmer wonders why so much straw is chopped this is the...
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    Hill Farming Project Makes Big Strides

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business As the sheep farming sector strives for improved profitability and sustainability there has never been a more important time to make the best use of the breeding technology available to the hill sector in Wales. The Hill Ram Scheme is supporting this...
  6. L

    Battling the reeds with goats and ancient land drains. Any interest, experience or advice?

    This is a bit niche, so not sure anyone else here will have done this, but you never know :unsure: We've recently taken on a 17acre smallholding on the Pennines. The fields have not been properly looked after for years so i'm working to improve the drainage and convert the land from the invasion...
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    Sheep dip courses move online for first time

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Yorkshire land based training provider, Lowe Maintenance, has launched a new Safe Use of Sheep Dip course – and for the first time, training takes place online. The City & Guilds-accredited course is a one-day blended session, taught via video online...
  8. Hilly

    Cutting back .

    I’ve noticed in conversation loads of people I know not just farmers either are cutting back , all say same thing sick of working hard to earn then get massive tax’s to pay etc etc recon they can do just as well with less, are others hearing this regular or is it just me ?
  9. H

    Opinions on this farm scenario?

    So I've been thinking of returning home to farm with my 70 yr old father who's struggling to find good full time labour and is naturally slowing down. I'm working off farm full time but really have an urge to leave the office job and come home (option of career break). If I'm going to do this...
  10. devonbrion1998

    Some worming advise Please

    As above really I have a small batch of 20 march born lambs, these are the last left so not the best doers had some awful worm issues from the last autumn, whereas they get really mucky, I worm them they dry up and look better for a month then back where I started First year I have ever tried a...
  11. Defra Farming

    Farm visit: Hampden Bottom Farm, Buckinghamshire

    Farm visit: Hampden Bottom Farm, Buckinghamshire Written by Rob Arden Farm Facts Farm: Hampden Bottom Farm, Buckinghamshire Size and type of farm: 486 hectare tenanted arable farm Farmed by: Ian and Fiona Waller Main enterprises: Milling wheat, oilseed rape, spring beans with a small...
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    Staffordshire farmer fined for animal neglect

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland A livestock farmer from Staffordshire Moorlands has been fined a total of £1250 and given a 12-month community order for animal neglect offences. 67-year-old Alan Belfield pleaded guilty to 18 charges of animal neglect and failing to correctly dispose...
  13. Enfoff

    Feed bin issue

    We had a 5t delivery of sheep nuts about a week before Christmas. There are a lot of moldy nuts which seem to be through out the feed. I have been picking out the bad stuff but it seems to be getting worse. Any idea why this has happened? - it is a fibre glass bin, brand new last year and...
  14. spark_28

    what dose for this time of year?

    well for two weeks time. they got flukiver in November. Trodaxed them this time last year but cant get it. Flukiver them again? has anyone used Endofluke? seen that online
  15. MX7

    Jeremy Clarkson Sunday Times Magazine "Farming" 23/1/2022

    I liked Jeremy Clarksons "Farming" article in today Sunday Times Magazine, hope you can all manage to make it larger so you can read it.
  16. bobk

    New Highway code rules ffs

    You couldn't make this sh!t up
  17. T

    Matt Baker,Countryfile

    The man has sold his soul.How can you do it Matt,have you sold your soul. DIGSUSTED.COM.BBC tonight countryfile,Matt you have sold your soul,goodbye
  18. V

    Captive bolt /stun gun

    Where would u buy one ? Don’t think u need a license?
  19. waterbuffalofarmer


    I hope this is ok to post in this section. Many of you are aware, and I want to thank those that have helped in sending me properties to apply for, etc, that our tenancy is up at the end of March. The farm is being sold soon after, we think. At the moment we have some options we are looking...