1. Clive

    Spend some money for me !

    Have a few items on a shopping list to help ease logistics next harvest / drilling campaign, looking to source used and would appreciate suggestions/ collective help of the forum to help me find them 1) Grain trailer - 20t (24-25 cube) with easy sheet and hydraulic door / air and abs - prefer...
  2. D

    someone writing in the Farmers Weekly has FINALLY got it

    Courtesy of the Farmers Weekly obvs: Joe Stanley Opinion: Blaming livestock for global warming is ill-informed As some 400 private jets carrying the world’s climate-conscious business and political elite – plus the prerequisite sprinkling of actors – touched down in Glasgow, and a chap with a...
  3. J

    Calf rearing set ups

    Following on form my post about an auto feeder which I don't think will work now, please could everyone send through photos of how they do it, what they do up to weaning and what with? In addition the photo shows my yard layout, the blue represents my ponds in the middle of the concrete, and...
  4. M

    Turning cattle out ??

    Bought some 6 month old stirks that have not been out before.. Is it ok to put them out this time of year with rest of the cattle as we have so much grass to graze off or is there risks with cold nights coming??
  5. FarmyStu

    New old gearboxes

    Just flicking through a John Deere 6030 tractor brochure from 2011. They were still offering 12/4 SyncroPlus gearbox for this range. That's a fully manual box, no clutchless shuttle or splitter. Has anyone here bought or used one? I know these type of boxes are still offered in other countries...
  6. F

    Large round bales

    Hi all was considering getting a large round bale slicer can you all advise me if I open a bale of silage or haylage slice it for feeding to goats ,sheep and cattle how long before bale will go off Cheers
  7. F

    Large round bales

    Hi all was considering getting a round bale slicer can you all advice me if I open a bale of silage or haulage slice it for feeding to goats ,sheep and cattle how long before bale will go off Cheers
  8. Dukes Fit

    Another (but different) Wellie thread

    So having decided I'm fed up of damp feet (actually now wet as my normal boots have got older) I thought I'd better buy new wellies. Looking on TFF there are many recommendations but not many comparisons. I've not had proper wellies for 10 years so as I do with most serious purchases I scoured...
  9. L

    Methods off drying off.

    We never get this right. We put cows onto straw for a day. Only milk them once. Dry them off. Leave on straw for another day. Then introduce the dry cow diet. during this period they are very noisy obviously hating it. It was bare able when we dry off over a week now we do it over 4 days. It’s...
  10. roscoe erf

    lucky boy
  11. icanshootwell

    Best farm all round dump trailer.

    Basically i,m looking for a trailer that can carry 16 ton of stone,soil etc but can also be used for carting farm muck. A lot of trailers i have looked at look ok but sides are to low when using for muck, not seen many with greedy boards fitted, another factor is bed height of trailer, lower the...
  12. Y

    Corn/grain maize in uk?

    Fascinates me how corn is now grown for grain in so many areas it never used to be, Just curious how much is grown in Uk for dry grain? In my area in Ontario(canada) corn for grain wasn't even a popular thing before 2000ish neither was soybeans but now they make up a big chunk of the crops in...
  13. Hooch

    Strip till

    Does anyone strip till for maize and if so what does it cost ?
  14. Seth470

    Diet Feeding Beef Cattle.

    Starting to use our diet feeder a bit more, just want to know what people are putting in. Haven access to Silage, Straw, Hay ,barley, brewers grain and spuds.
  15. Woolless

    Feeding cull ewes

    Sold a third of the cull ewes shortly after weaning. Went through them again a couple of weeks ago and struggled to find another third to sell. The final third, plus a few extras pulled out before tupping are now getting fed a mixture of lamb finisher blend and leftover ewe rolls and seem to be...
  16. H

    Winter Barley

    Got some really forward winter barley it's about a foot tall really thick and starting to go down in places. Question what do I do with it . Graze with sheep or leave it ?
  17. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    How to maximise variable silage cuts

    Maximising milk from forage will be at the forefront of minds this winter and effectively managing silage at feed-out to balance inconsistencies between cuts will be key to success. Inconsistencies in silage between cuts can present a challenge at feed-out and have a notable impact on rumen...
  18. A

    Cantilever cubicles problem

    We have a passage of cantilever cubicles backing onto a silage pit. Because of the way it's done there's too much lunge room and every year we get 1 or 2 of our sucklers jammed between the rails and the wall and its a fair job dismantling a length to let then out. I'm sure I read somewhere on...
  19. S J H

    Who's joining me?

    Just had the red tractor inspection, I sadly haven't passed so won't be able to sell stock at the premium. I failed on health plan, health and safety plan, haven't got a needle certificate and when the dog was wormed. The whole thing has become an utter joke. BVD testing is recommended now, so...
  20. Farfrae

    The Organised Takedown of the Global Fertiliser Supply?

    I've commented previously about how much of what is going on (from a Covid 'pandemic' that isn't really a pandemic to 'zero carbon') in the world is part of an organised plan to bring abbout 'The Great Reset' as proposed by Klaus Schwab in his book of the same name. Obviously I get much derision...