1. Jerry

    Bale weight and pros of chopping?

    Have the option of a contractor with a McHale Fusion to do some haylage for sheep. How heavy are fusion bales roughly? And what are the advantages of have the grass chopped? Wastage, quality??
  2. M

    Contracting hay

    Ive got around 60 acres of grass. What would be the cost to get it cut and get it turned into hay or silage? If i get a contractor to do everything will there be any profit for me to sell the bales?
  3. M

    AB8 Mid Tier Silage?

    We're looking at putting in quite a few ha of AB8, Directives say to cut / graze 90% of it between August and October , anyone made any hay or silage off it? What's the yield like?
  4. teslacoils

    Covering chicken poops.

    Am I supposed to cover heaps of chicken poops? Does that have to be as soon as they are tipped? Can I chop and blow a layer of straw over the top, or fym, instead?
  5. L


    Just sat pondering the dreaded blackgrass while I enjoy a Saturday morning brew. I have been trying to think of the way the weed grows throughout the season and if it has weakness? For the life of me I can't think what this weakness might be to even begin to exploit this as a means of control...
  6. F

    End of the Road for Small Livestock Farms?

    I buy store cattle off some small local farms and always try to help them out with bull hire or dehorning and TB testing. Yesterday when I went to see some yearlings on one of these farms that is only around 50 acres of old established permanent grass and a reasonable shed, the owners said that...
  7. T

    Concrete yard renewal

    We have been awarded a grant to renew some concrete, just wondering what we should be paying a contractor roughly to supply and lay. There are a couple of drains also. Thanks
  8. R

    Best post emergence spray for new grass ley

    As per question really. Have a few docks, thistles, buttercups (seem to be everywhere this year!) and what I think is a little bit of redshank. What's the best clover-safe product to hit them. Ley is approx 5 weeks and not too far off being ready to graze.
  9. Barleymow

    Most unusual thing gives while working

    Son rang earlier he was baling hay / silage today the farmer presented him with 3 boxes of eggs and a frozen chicken!! Will be thawed out when he finishes for the day won't fit in the fridge on his fastrac
  10. Headless chicken

    Liquid fert bowser

    Is there any reason we couldn’t secure multiple IBC’s to our bale trailer, plumb together and use these as a bowser? Or any other alternative suitably safe options. Travelling about 4-5 miles
  11. Turnip

    Loyalty, dealer/brand, is it worth it?

    So in the next 6 months I'll have a bit of a shopping list of kit and additional wishlist for the next year's. Now I was always told that being loyal to a dealer was a good thing, discounts perks etc, and this almost always equals brand loyalty as that is the brand the dealer sells. Sometimes...
  12. sanderzo

    4000 bales off 400 acres. 1st cut 2021

  13. Hilly

    Private water supply

    Turns out mine is acidic , which figures with the area , how do I correct ph in water supply ? Drop a lump of lime stone in storage tank or we’ll head , or is that mad idea 😂
  14. Tim G

    Would you do it?

    This picture was posted on our village Facebook page. It's caused a bit of outrage, especially as the same farming company caused the bridge to be closed for some time recently after taking large equipment over it and hitting the bridge.
  15. B

    Animals You See, Things You Find When Mowing Grass ?

    like a lot of people, im out mowing grass for hay ? the rain we got certainly made a hell of difference when the fertilizer had just sat there for weeks in march-april ? my land , so i know the obvious places to look out for, going first round one headland that has house gardens backing on...
  16. Z

    Best Hay Preservative ....(apart from sun )

    What do people use now I have a balers choice kit on a 80*90 new Holland Have used eco bale DA on haylage very successfully Balers choice is £650 for 200 litres I'm looking for other alternatives
  17. kevindb880

    Tyres sizes, 460 or 520 on 155hp

    New tractor time coming up. Both tractors at the moment are JD6630 on 460’s as both do 18m tramline work, the new one is a 6155m so has a bit more hp but will be used for top dressing, so would we notice traction wise when ploughing with 5 furrows if we stuck with 460’s? The plan is to up to 24m...
  18. F


    Mowers - Drum or Disc?
  19. J

    Winter forage

    Got the chance of an arable farmer to put some stubble turnips kale drilled in once fascila been topped around august time, just after thoughts regarding payment if I should pay by acre or per head I fear it may not come to much with being planted in back end just wanting to put some fertility...
  20. lady muck

    60 acres land with planning for an agricultural shed Ayrshire