1. G

    The Anyone finished yet thread

  2. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Farmer utilises crimped grain to overcome unpredictable weather

    As seen in Farmers Guardian 30th July 2021 With an increasing trend towards more extreme weather in the latter months of the summer, moving to crimped grain should be considered to take control of harvesting challenges and maximise the feed value of the crop. Luke Carling of Partridge Farms...
  3. W

    AHDB and Red Tractor

    With the impending cereals vote and the fact they’ve recently lost the potato and horticulture one as well as actively promoting the con Red Tractor scheme which way will the cereals vote go? I’ll be voting to stop the levy as we need to claim back the money we are all forced to pay the Ponzi...
  4. Jackov Altraids

    Sustainable Westcountry Beef

    What does the title of this thread bring to your mind? I'm imagining native cattle on the moors, cows and calves on the clifftop's or sucklers in meadows. So I'd be interested in people's views on this; A brilliant piece of marketing for all the dairy calves that aren't now allowed to be...
  5. Pan mixer

    Imported lamb from NZ more carbon neutral than home produced?

    I usually listen to the farming programme on Radio 4, I am not always on full alert though and must cinfess to the occasional lapse in concentration. This morning I am sure that i heard that imported lamb from New Zealand can be more carbon neutral than home produced lamb. Whatever sort of...
  6. Fat hen

    Making meat production illegal - yikes You've heard about the lab-grown meat future that the Davos/WEF lot want for us. It seems a distant prospect to most of us. But maybe not. Like a co-ordinated pincer movement they are...
  7. Al R

    Wheat and Soyabeans

    I read an article about this a few years ago but I can’t remember where or what the results were as when I read it the soyabeans had not been combined. Anyone know what the results were, how successful and is it still being done? wheat and soya beans if you can’t tell, combine in the US on row...
  8. R

    RT, Imported grain, Jim Mosley

    So I recently put some questions about tests on imported grain to a very knowledgeable person in the grain trade (one time international trader). Have now had answers (more than can be said about JM) Q1. Where are the tests carried out? A. Receiver won't accept any deliveries prior to all...
  9. Banana Bar

    Claas Convio or Macdon

    Looking to next year. Comments on both of the above at 12 metres would be welcome. Both are coming on demo this season. BB
  10. W

    Organic farming

    Hello guys! Wondering if anyone can advise some good resources on organic farming for me to learn from? Any textbooks, online websites or books I can buy on the matter. I’ve a degree in science and so have a particular interest in studying farming and coming at things from a scientific...
  11. KW Alternative Feeds

    KW Feedcast Episode 13 - 3 August 2021

    In today’s episode of KW Feedcast, Raw Materials Buyer, James Butt-Evans looks in to the increasing wheat prices and what deals are existing in the markets at the moment. While the barley harvest is now 50% cut and prices are alleviating, wheat is a whole different story. The tightening in...
  12. Sid

    New rules on manures

    Thread in cropping and dairy but here as a heads up for everyone
  13. MX7

    The practicality and financing of genetically modified protein crops for the Uk?

    Some of you have grown soya beans with very mixed results to put it mildly. In theory we should be working towards growing more high protein crops in the Uk to supply,the demand in the future. That said is it possible to genetically modify high protein crops like Soya Beans,etc,etc so that they...
  14. Farmer Roy

    Harvest job in Australia

    Anyone looking for harvest work in Australia this year ? Give Tom a call, based west of Moree NSW Great bloke, once crashed an aeroplane into power lines trying to avoid driving home drunk from the Moree Races 🤣
  15. Chris F

    National Food Strategy: open letter

    July 2021 Rt Hon George Eustice Seacole Building 2 Marsham St London SW1P 4DF Dear Secretary of State, Re: National Food Strategy: open letter We are writing to you reflecting widely different experiences and communities within the farming sector, to endorse the recommendations of the...
  16. S

    Is the answer to UK livestock sustainability

    Insect protein? To replace soya?
  17. Agriland RSS

    UK to restrict promotions of ‘unhealthy’ foods from October 2022

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland The UK Government has announced plans to restrict retail promotions of foods that are deemed ‘unhealthy’ from October next year. The restrictions apply to medium and large retailers and form a key part of a new strategy to tackle obesity. In the...
  18. Clive

    Are you all depressed ?

    I've been lucky enough to have a bit of a family holiday recently with lockdown restrictions ending and I've also spent a lot more time with none farming friends and reduced my time talking farming online a fair bit. After a period where that has been hard to do it's easy to forget just how...
  19. KW Alternative Feeds

    Feedcast Episode 12 - 20 July 2021

    The latest issue of Feedcast is brought to you by Chris Davidson, with a tale of weather woe. Over the course of the last week the markets, especially the cereals market, have risen exponentially. For cereals this is due to three major weather events. Firstly the US has seen drought from...
  20. thesilentone

    When is the time to confront the elephant in the room ?

    Our action to negate or slow global warming is clearly not going fast enough. I don't point the finger at the UK exclusively, we are far from the worst offenders, however in general, are we doing enough ? Looking at Agriculture alone, currently social media is full of pictures of tractors...