1. W

    Leaving job without notice

    Hi. If an employee just leaves and doesn't come back can the employer do anything about it?
  2. Agrovista News

    Sartorial's resilience powers it to top spot in wheat variety trial

    Sartorial's resilience powers it to top spot in wheat variety trial Excellent establishment and impressive early vigour helped Sartorial winter wheat top the yield stakes in Agrovistas recently harvested variety trial at Kelso in the Scottish Borders. Sartorial achieved a treated yield of...
  3. Danllan

    Freedom of expression

    Not interested in soccer at all, but... it seems stating the truth now requires 'investigation'... :banghead: Of course, revealing information that could have serious adverse consequences for the country should be a crime. But, how on Earth have we arrived at a situation in which stating the...
  4. Chasingmytail

    So why are so many vaccinated people getting Covid?

    Makes no sense to me I know so many people who were double vac yet been ill. Ive had an argument with my mum that its failed to promise. So vaccinated and non vac give the same risks to the vulnerable. Then she says that will have it a lot less than non-vac - how does she know this what...
  5. D

    Itchy dog

    Collie is scratching all the time presume some kind of parasite any suggestions appreciated
  6. T

    Dodgy beetle grain rejection

    Just had a load of malting barley rejected for a Cadelle beetle. They’ve sent a supposed image (presumably under microscope) of the said offender. Only one was found and three loads had already gone in from that store. I think it’s all [email protected]@@@it, as I’ve looked up this beetle and it wouldn’t need...
  7. Agriland RSS

    Forestry Commission to act on new tree disease found in Cornwall

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Woodland managers, landowners, the forest industry and tree nurseries are being urged to remain vigilant after the Forestry Commission (FC) and Forest Research (FR) identified the tree pathogen Phytophthora pluvialis in a woodland in Cornwall. The UK...
  8. Badshot

    Combining grain maize

    I am currently looking at this. there's a few doing it round here now. Some to dry, some to crimp. I like the look of it to crimp, but I'm unsure on the saleability of the crimped grain. Discuss.....
  9. Michelle_Nuttall

    AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds - Strategic Cereal Farm Results Week – 15-19 November 2021

    Strategic Cereal Farm Results Week – November 2021 This year, AHDB’s Strategic Cereal Farm activities are remaining virtual, with lots to get involved in from webinars to podcasts, all bringing to life the on-farm research relevant to your farm business. Join a series of daily webinars from...
  10. Natallia @PlantWorks

    Increase the impact of nitrogen inputs on your winter wheat!

    This is the first of three blog posts in relation to wheat trials using SMART ROTATIONS 3 liquid bacteria sprayed on wheat in 2019 and 2021. This work has been undertaken ‘on farm’ and has been statistically analysed using combine readings through QGIS and R-studio. In previous trials we have...
  11. T

    Phoma in WOSR

    I have quite a bit of phoma coming through in some late august drilled WOSR. Any ideas of alternative methods other than a fungicide? Thanks
  12. Steevo

    Why won’t Brits pick vegetables for £30 an hour?

    Why won’t Brits pick vegetables for £30 an hour? Agricultural wages are rising sharply, but farmers struggle to find staff. How hard can the work be? ByHelen Chandler-Wilde17 October 2021 • 5:00am News Headlines News stories personally picked just for you Sign up Last year, with the pandemic...
  13. CPM RSS

    PGRO set to launch Descriptive List 2022 this month

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine The Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) has announced it will launch the 2022 Descriptive List for combining peas, winter and spring beans on 24 November. PGRO’s work showcases variety trials from the 2021 growing season and...
  14. Direct Driller Magazine

    OSR monitoring reaches new heights

    New software that uses a drone to image crops has been developed to help farmers walk crops more quickly and accurately. Skippy Scout has been developed by farming technology specialist Drone Ag to monitor a variety of broad acre crops. The latest developments in the software’s version 2.5...
  15. C

    Agricultural Matters scares me so I'll ask it here...

    Wtf is plant based sausage?!?
  16. Agriland RSS

    New disease-free potato is resistant to blight

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland A new, disease-free potato, named CIP-Matilde, has been developed by international breeders in collaboration with farmers in Peru. All those involved with the development of this new variety claim that it is inherently resistant to late blight...
  17. GOV.UK RSS

    Package of measures announced to support pig sector

    Package of measures announced to support pig sector Written by Defra Press Office There has been widespread coverage of the announcement of a package of measures to support the pig industry. This was widely covered in national, regional and trade media, including The Times, The Financial...
  18. Farm Business RSS

    UK cattle vets to spearhead crucial antibiotic data collection

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Cattle vets are being called on to spearhead efforts to populate the new national Medicine Hub with farm antibiotic data. The call to action, made at the British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA) Congress this week (14-16 October) in Newport, South...
  19. B


    every TV news brings stories of yet more job vacancies? Latest being the other night on the news it said the care in the community sector is over 100,000 short of workers for jobs ? Does anyone on here remember the dark days recessions of the early 1970s/80s when for every job vacanicy their was...
  20. Farm Business RSS

    Agri-EPI appoints farming industry experts to its Board

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Agri-EPI has appointed three farming industry experts to its Board: Sarah Calcutt, Tom Hind and Allan Stevenson. Sarah Calcutt is a 6th generation farmer from the Weald of Kent. She returned to the family business in her mid-20s and has spent the...