Feed for laying hens


Mid Hampshire
My Mrs has a poultry empire of 45 hens which she feeds mixed corn and layers pellets which she gets delivered by the pallet from the local ag merchant.

This seems a bit mixed up, given that we grow corn on the farm. What would be a good ration for laying hens? I have access to wheat, barley, beans and possibly some OSR from the neighbour. I know nothing about poultry, just keen to save some money!
I feed mine on 3 wheat. 1 rolled Barley. 1 Cut Maize and free range.
Utility bred for eggs and meat.

Rejuvenating swards: Which option is best?

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Written by Brian McDonnell

Maintaining grass quality during mid-season grazing is important. Farmers can maintain quality by entering ideal grazing covers of 1,300 – 1,500kg DM/ha, and grazing down to a residual of 4cm every rotation.

If you are now in a situation where cows are not cleaning out paddocks as well as they should be, leading to the development of steamy grass within the sward, here are some options.

Common options for rejuvenating swards include:

  1. Take a silage cut, probably into bales, remove the material and start again with the aftermath...