Low mood in agriculture

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Kevtherev, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Kevtherev

    Kevtherev Member

    Welshpool Powys
    Every one I speak to seems rather dispondent with the job.
    Is it across the board/nationwide?
    Beef job not helping plus the uncertain period we are going through at the moment.
    I’m hoping @Cab-over Pete at the helm will steer us through (y)
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  2. bobk

    bobk Member

    The night is darkest just before the dawn .....
  3. kfpben

    kfpben Member

    Mid Hampshire
    Unless it’s an asteroid blocking out the Sun....about to strike!
  4. Werzle

    Werzle Member

    Nationwide i reckon, i often wonder how much happier we would be if we turned off all our phones, tv's , computers and didnt read the newspapers for a while either. Too much bad news 24/7 is making us glum
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  5. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    I agree. Not much good news these days all doom and gloom
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  6. As I lay there looking up at the stars I immediately wondered where my fudgeing roof had gone
  7. 7610 super q

    7610 super q Member

    If you're going to truly love your industry, your gonna have to love moonshine....:)
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  8. Drillman

    Drillman Member

    North Yorkshire
    Cool, that gives me an excuse to buy a big V8 muscle car to haul the finished product(y)
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  9. bobk

    bobk Member

    Doddle , compared with Fand M, BSE and £70 wheat , all at the same time .
  10. I'm quite happy/optimistic about things.

    Don't let sh!t that you can't change get you down or take the joy out of the job. What will be will be.
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  11. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    Yes and we are still here at it lol
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  12. Doc

    Doc Member

    TFF is actually pretty upbeat compared to my ‘other work’ forums.
    They are just a misery of dissatisfaction and broken dreams. I actually come on TFF for light relief.
  13. Scribus

    Scribus Member

    Central Atlantic
    We are kept away from too much news that is actually bad, instead, we are fed a stream of vaporous froth and sensationalism by the very devices you list. Perhaps it is that we are tiring of.
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  14. PSQ

    PSQ Member

    Scottish Borders
    No. We've all got more than enough to be thankful for. Leave the 'wailing and gnashing of teeth' for the miserable feckers who believe all the doom, gloom, pish and drivel written by a media circus that thrives on sowing discord.
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  15. kfpben

    kfpben Member

    Mid Hampshire
    To be fair if the BBC stopped scaremongering for 5 minutes and the beef price lifted a bit I’d say things were quite good at the moment.

    Another cracking summer so far.
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  16. teslacoils

    teslacoils Member

    Down to the last coppers in the jar. Biting nails waiting for harvest.
  17. slim shiny

    slim shiny Member

    Thetford, norfolk
    Watching horizon “the honest supermarket” lastnight depressed the hell out of me! Labelling produce by how many times it had been sprayed, potatoes sprayed 32 times!!, really doesnt help the general public onside. When Im asked what i would of done differently in life it would be not get on a fecking tractor. With 28 years at work before retirement I’m not certain how things will pan out
  18. glasshouse

    glasshouse Member

    I still dont know how we survived that triple whammy
    Or was it a quad whammy as subs were low as well due to prudence browns high pound
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  19. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    If we could just persuade the Chinese who can’t buy pork to buy British Beef I think the price would perk up a bit
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