1. A


    We have a large area of grassland for forage production. Some of it is grass following wheat of which I need to cut v early to remove the volunteers before taking a clean cut for horse production. Is it better to delay N application and hope the wheat grows faster than the ley or is it better to...
  2. organic

    CO2 Support To End

    https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/jan/24/food-and-drink-shortages-possible-as-uk-support-for-co2-industry-ends What might this mean?
  3. Massey 6470

    Mixing urea with water and spraying on combinable crop's/grass

    A neighbour phoned and asked me about this as the nitrogen up take is supposed to be more instant and you don’t need to use as much fertiliser what do people know about this - I’d be concerned that it would block up the sprayer
  4. bobk

    So what if the fert price doesn't stabilise by August

    Houston , we have a problem ..........
  5. bankrupt

    N 1

    Kicking off today on Hybrid WB. As to profitability, recently seen lot of advisory nonsense about reduced applications due to the price of cereals having risen slower than the price of N. Here, straw yields linearly correlate with N (up to the point of lodging) so straw sales still finance N...
  6. cousinjack

    Anyone good with numbers ?? Can you explain this to me ?

    Two charts taken from farmers guardian. I get the idea of what they are trying to say…. I just can’t see where the actual figures come from ??
  7. TFF

    Root Exudation of Primary Metabolites doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2019.00157

    Root Exudation of Primary Metabolites: Mechanisms and Their Roles in Plant Responses to Environmental Stimuli Authors: Alberto Canarini, Christina Kaiser, Andrew Merchant, Andreas Richter and Wolfgang Wanek Root exudation is an important process determining plant interactions with the soil...
  8. S

    Foundations of Farming

    There have been many well contested threads debated on this forum but I discern what may be termed a 'thinning' in not only the views posted but also a 'thinning' in the threads themselves. By 'thinning' I posit that there is a weariness in the ranks of the forum members that is reflected in...
  9. ih1455xl

    Silage wrap prices

    Anyone had any prices only quote I’ve had so far is 67.38/ roll for black 750
  10. Colliedog

    The Kuhn Aero is making a comeback

    I have just seen Rauch is about to relaunch the mounted boom spreader in widths of 18-30m. As well as a larger tank the new version has been updated with isobus and six variable rate sections. The booms look like they fold up a lot more easily as well. With the way fertiliser price’s are going...
  11. jackrussell101

    How many units of nitrogen for a first wheat thats been after a long term grass ley?

    As above really, just wondering if I can get away without putting as much N on and not detrimentally affecting the yield, it's been grass for 10 years before with regular lashings of slurry etc
  12. A

    Not dribbling N down the tramlines.

    About 7 or 8 years ago I picked up a leaflet at either Cereals or Lamma (which may or may not have been produced by Omex). It gave the usual reasons why switching to the use of liquid had advantages over the use of solid N, such as no bags to dispose of, accurate dressing up to the outer edge of...
  13. Janet Hughes Defra

    New information about local nature recovery and landscape recovery

    Morning all and happy new year. Further to the information we published about the Sustainable Farming Incentive in December (see https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/sustainable-farming-incentive-how-the-scheme-will-work-in-2022), today we're publishing information about the 2 other new...
  14. J

    Cheap umbilical setup.

    Looking to spread our effluent more effectively and utilise it better than we are currently. Have had ideas of umbilical systems, but the price of the lay flat hose is staggering. We have a reasonable pump (electric) that currently pumps to a traveller but this only has limited area it can...
  15. Direct Driller Magazine

    Are you happy with the quality of the lime you purchase?

    Written by James Warne from Soil First Farming A word of warning to all of you who buy bulk lime products. There appears to be nobody in the supply chain fighting your corner to ensure the quality of the lime you buy meets the legal requirements as laid down in the Fertiliser Regulations...
  16. T

    Beet v Ewe Nuts

    Usually feed some beet here from December to about start of March, move on to ewe rolls from start of March. We start to lamb about 25th March. We use the beet to keep them full and we don’t use any silage. we are feeding about 1500 sheep. This year washed and delivered beet is £50, ewe rolls...
  17. M

    Liquid or solid fert spreading

    What's everyone's preference and reasoning for?
  18. bankrupt


    Not much more than three weeks now to the NVZ earliest for nitrogen on the hybrid WBs - potentially the best return available from what is now, apparently, a scarce resource. Will 30kg do? (60kg last year).
  19. Chris F

    Glyphosate heading to £150 in the Spring

    Looks like the lack of supply will mean the next glyphosate to touch the shores will be up near the £150 mark. Which will last until more competition gets back in the market. Is anyone hearing anything different or have prices for the spring?
  20. Agriland RSS

    AgriSearch commissions report on the impact of fertiliser prices

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland AgriSearch has commissioned a report to assess the impact of price increases on the economics of fertiliser application for grass production. AFBI have been appointed to undertake the work utilising the many years of data gathered through the GrassCheck...