Mycorrhizal Fungi


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So farmers that don't till should have a decent presence of mycorrhizal fungi? Thanks for sharing.
Not all the time. Hi phosphate fertilizers rates can effect it as can fungicidal seed dressings. Leaving soil bare without some form of growth can inhibit it too. Long term grass leys with little compaction woukd be a very good start. Cereals wont effect its development but canola isn’t a friend.

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How do you feed them?
i dont ,i just leave them to attach to/work with plant roots au natural ;)
good rotation on a mixed farm with not extreme soil chemistry means not really doing anything pecial,especially not buying stuff in 'to feed them' 🤪
they dont like some plants and their roots like brassicas ones mind you.

Trouble is these days it the zealot no til or regen wonder boys:sneaky: hijack the subjects with their agenda type thing going on ...(used to be the organics superstars:rolleyes: ) despite having a valid point about some things .... hog the limelight and almost bully us :oops:more traditional farmers out of the picture , they seem to think they are the only ones allowed to have them fungus's and their associations ;)

like the comment above about, cultivation, well its right in that short space of time but wrong context / in the bigger picture because they soon come back to work on the roots of the newly sown plants simple so no need to worry that they are for ever :cry: guys.(y)
not finished ..:sneaky: also im sure they dont like a fudging great Fendt tractor squeezing the life out of them :sick: ,and how being 'clever' and fitting wide tyres will not mitigate those effects but then like i say thats common sense almost about good genral practice with regards treating the soil right.

whacking great umpteen tonne drills dont help either with localised and generall compaction. something that in the future people will take much more notice off i bet, if they are intelligent enough anyway.
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