Septoria warning as high levels of latent disease is found in plant samples


Written by Charlotte Cunningham

Growers are being urged to consider a robust T2 fungicide application as septoria pressure in UK wheat crops is expected to build in the coming weeks. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Laboratory analysis of hundreds of plant samples has highlighted significant levels of latent septoria, which indicates disease pressure could be greater than expected following a cold, dry April for most farms. The Met Office says it expects a return to more-typical May temperatures of 15-16 degrees in the next fortnight, and Corteva Agriscience is warning that the conditions could be favourable for septoria to spread through crops ahead of key flag-leaf fungicide applications which take place from mid-May onwards. “In general cereal crops have looked reasonably clean and free from disease which led to T0 fungicides either being skipped, or rates being cut back,” says Sally Egerton, UK and Ireland technical manager for Corteva. “T1 fungicides are going on following very little rain so, again, programmes will have been adjusted according to the perceived level of disease prevalence. “Now we are seeing reports of high levels of latent septoria infection which will spread with further rain events and the warmer temperature expected in the next 10-12 days.” Rapid testing Microgenetics’ rapid…
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