Time To Boycott Tesco?


Fewer than 3% of people are vegans, overwhelming young people - leave them alone, most of them will grow out of it.
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Well I do shop in Tesco's & they buy my cattle so am happy to shop there.
The Vegan range was growing last spring & covering more & more shelf space & I felt quite worried for livestock farmers futures, this year....Crikey you'd have a had job to find Vegan food and the meat range & shelf space has been extended. (y)
Of course Tesco etc would rather sell folks ‘I can’t believe it’s not meat’. Fake meat involves cheap ingredients going in at one end of a factory, the hell being processed out of them inside the factory and an ultra-processed ‘product’ emerging at the other, which the supermarket can try to pretend is worth as much (or more, cos its ‘saving the planet’) as the real thing; quality meat which will (rightfully) always be expensive to produce.

Which product has the greater markup; burgers or fakeburgers?


Mixed Farmer
Romney Marsh
There is more profit in vegan food for the supermarkets, so they are going to push the agenda.

The supermarkets have yet to completely control prices for livestock, as pesky farmers keep selling into the open markets and getting the true price...... which Mr Tesco etc can not dictate.

Once all this vegan shite is made in a factory, the price control of it will be with the buyers.

I'm just waiting for the day that these vegans start getting serious health issues with their diets....... then watch the fad disappear.

Claas launches new line of Liner rakes

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Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland

Claas has just unveiled three completely new four-rotor rakes with working widths of 15m, 13.6m and 12.7m. These maximum spans widths can be adjusted by 3.40 to 4.90m depending on the model,

Claas telescopic arm

The new range has been designed to offer low transport heights, improved ground-contour following by the rotors, and ease of handling, according to Claas.

Adjustable working width​

One major development are the new telescopic arms which extend and retract by means of a three-stage patented system.

This comprises a ‘C’ profile and slide rails, enabling rapid...