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Steps to Success will include expert advice and guidance on:
  • Soil Testing: Why it is essential & understanding the results
  • Nutrient Management Planning: Cutting vs Grazing
  • Accurate Spreading: An even spread is vital - know your settings!
Jon Telfer
Philip Cosgrave
Nigel Hester

Jon Telfer - Analytical Specialist
Philip Cosgrave - Grassland Agronomist
Nigel Hester - Grassland Specialist

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Tractor found parked up ‘with its engine running and no one in it’

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Written by Agriland Team

A tractor was left running and unattended while its driver was in a nearby shop buying lunch, a local police team in the UK have noted, highlighting the risks involved with such an action.

The unattended tractor was discovered by members of Dorset Police, outside a Tesco store in Blandford Forum, in England, last Thursday (October 15).

Taking to social media to highlight the matter, Dorset Police said:

When we visited Tesco’s in Blandford we didn’t expect to find a £110,000 [€121,800] tractor parked up near the entrance with its engine running and no one with it.
“We soon located the driver leaving Tesco’s with a meal deal.

“There’s absolutely...