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Hi everyone,

I work as a field trialist at a leading CRO in the fields of Agrosciences and Regulatory Chemistry Consulting. I conduct crop protection trials ( herbicide/insecticide and fungicide efficacy trials) on different crops in the UK. Usually, I don't have difficulties finding good fields for setting up trials, but this year due to the high amount of rainfall it's becoming quite challenging. I was wondering if there is any grower who could help me out.
I'm in search of a field with a history of having a high pressure of Wilds oats which will go in Winter wheat. (best option not drilled yet - if drilled no pre-em application done) The field must be located in either Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire/Berkshire/Northamptonshire.
If a trial location is agreed with the grower and the trial is set up, then a compensation will be paid at the end of the trial. (more details in private)
Thank you in advance! :)


You're a bit late! Shame you didn't post this 2 months ago. Good luck with finding a trial site. I'm a bit far away from you & the one field I have with wild oats will go into spring barley instead as it is far too wet now.

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