1. average farmer

    Leaving spring wheat volunteers

    I have about 50 acres with a good stand of Kilburn spring wheat volunteers growing. Plan was to drill with ww but that’s not going to happen now. what’s people’s thoughts on leaving it as a crop ? Would probably graze with sheep in the spring or roll the sh!t out of it
  2. S

    Beans in Wheat

    Can't find my old records as not done this for four years. What kills volunteer beans in winter wheat?
  3. E

    Fuel tanks. Metal or plastic?

    Whats the best ?im looking to replace a small tank in a residential situation. Bunded metal seems a lot cheaper than the equivalent plastic .Would it have the same life span? I suppose it depends on the thickness of the steel to some degree.? I have a metal tank housed in a shed installed in...
  4. bobk

    Do ploughers get bg ?

    If not , there's your answer
  5. davidroberts30

    Mounted or trailed sprayers

    Pros and cons for each please Got a 12m mounted at the mo but want to upgrade to 20m
  6. N


    anyone used Octavian Met? i know legally cant go more than 50% dose now but does it have any contact activity on BG? no pre-em before rain and now BG and wheat emerging together (as expected). what mix would you go for now? 480g FFCT straight off?
  7. bobk

    Barley volunteers in wheat

    Due to the last 12 months weather my already shattered rotation means I've followed sb with wheat ( didn't want to grow it ) anyway we sowed 3 days after finishing combining . So we have a volunteer issue , is frost my friend ? doesn't appears to be any chems available that will kill the stuff.
  8. F

    French to use neonics in sugar beet seed.

    How will this affect UK growers ?
  9. GeorgeK

    Ryegrass seed scandal

    An article in FW this week I could scarcely believe. A grower of Italian ryegrass for seed documenting his major issues with herbicide resistant ryegrass in the following cereal crops. Says it's getting worse than blackgrass due to to its ability to germinate any time of year, being more...
  10. R

    Advice on how to become an agronomist.

    Hi, I'm new on here so I'm not sure where to ask this. I'm a 24 year old Female who is just recently graduated 2:1 honours degree (BSC) in Agriculture. I want to become an agronomist but I'm finding it difficult to get any jobs in this sector especially as a trainee agronomist. I have 10...
  11. Flintstone

    Wheat drilling 2020

    Go on, someone must have started...
  12. Feldspar

    Winter wheat drilling

    So... who's started wheat drilling? Or when are you thinking of starting?
  13. Banana Bar

    Wide cereal rows

    Has anyone got yield comparisons of wide ( 250mm) cereal rows vs conventional narrower rows? BB
  14. S

    Seed bed after spring barley.

    What are people’s plans for drilling after spring barley. With most of the farm in with spring barley this year our rotation is out of the window, it will be followed with winter barley and winter wheat. There are plenty of heads on the ground so there will be a lot of volunteers. Would liked...
  15. Derrick Hughes

    Hurrells Organic Overseeder Grass Seed Mix

    Derrick Hughes 07415121700 Hurrells Seeds Organic Overseeder Grass Seed Mix 1.75 kg FABIO Italian Ryegrass Tet 0.45 kg ORG STORM Hybrid Ryegrass Tet 2.30 kg ORG ASTONCRUSADER Hybrid Ryegrass Tet 2.75 kg ORG BIRGER Perennial Ryegrass Int Tet 2.75 kg HURRICAINE Perennial Ryegrass Late Tet 0.50...
  16. Derrick Hughes

    Non Organic Drought Resistant Grass Seed Mix

    5.00 kg TRESPOSNO Cocksfoot 3.20 kg PARDUS Meadow Fescue 1.30 kg COMER Timothy 1.00 kg MERULA Red Clover 0.40 kg ALICE White Clover 0.40 kg MERWI White Clover 0.25 kg JURA White Clover 0.30 kg CHOICE Chicory 0.25 kg Burnet 0.05 kg Yarrow 0.10 kg Sheep's Parsley 0.25 kg TONIC Plantain 12.50 kg...
  17. Boysground

    Pre Em Nozzles

    I have been looking at pre em nozzles. Have tried all sorts over the years from flat fans to Hawk nozzles then Defy nozzles. For the last couple of years I have been using guardian air 04 at 150l which seem to be ok and not too bad with drift in the autumn. I was reading the Syngenta website and...
  18. richard hammond

    Is there any skill in growing an economically viable crop of OSR?

    As the title asks, is there any skill in growing this awful waste of time trouble some crop?? Let me have your secrets!
  19. bobk

    Best autumn herb for wild oats

    In wheat , been using 2 ltr/ha of Picomax which does a fair job for the money , looking for summat better , expecting to do them again in the spring with topic.
  20. shakerator

    Paying agronomist by yield results !

    Any thoughts on this !