1. Banana Bar

    Best all round tyre

    Need some new tyres on a JD 6215, 75% of its time is pulling a trailer, bowser. Occasionally gets put on the rolls or cultipress. Ideally would be able to let the tyres down to 1 bar for rolling, but also need to be comfortable towing a grain trailer at 50 kph. Any recommendations? BB
  2. GAM

    Tractor Tyres

    I am looking at changing two rear tyres on my MF390 16.9 x 38, we don't do very much road work and I am not sure wether to put Radials or Crossply on! Any thoughts and suggestions of preferred makes etc, greatly received.
  3. Greythundercloudys

    Scottish government machinery grants?

    What is this scheme and how does it work, and what machines?
  4. Farm Classifieds

    Set of 4 540/65R28 to fit Sands SLC

    Set of 4 540/65R28 to fit Sands SLC Advert added by: Robert Squires @mf Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £2500 Condition: Good Description Set of 4 540/65R28 To suit Sands SLC or similar 8 stud axle. 2 BKT tyres nearly new...
  5. Will 1594

    Trelleborg tyres.

    Any one from trelleborg tyres read the tff. . Please contact me by pm 😡
  6. D

    Wanted Super Q rear window complete

    hi as the title says I'm after a complete rear window for a 7810 7610 super q. I had one ordered from a guy in Ireland then he cancelled on me. Apparently courier wouldn't insure it.
  7. L

    Temperature of haystack

    As of title. I have never previously taken the temperature of the stack but this is a heap of 1500 small bales baled last Friday and unloaded Saturday. When I went up the stack on Sunday to shake loose straw on the top to stop any sweating out spoiling the top layer found very little sweating...
  8. M

    Thoughts please - electric off-road vehicles

    We have been developing off road electric vehicles for some time now. The Tarail Blazer Pro was intially put into production for the extreme off road enthusiast, but we found out very quickly when we added the two wheel trailer we begun to have interst from land owners. The vehicle has 4WD with...
  9. JD-Kid

    sidewalls cracking on tractor tires

    notice on a few topics of tires alot have cracks and splits in them some brands worst than others where have most split my fronts are splitting from bead to the tread Continental 540-65 r 28 on front. 2500 hours still got over 40mm tread on them did any one get insurance on them
  10. S

    Vredestein tyres

    Looking at replacing back tyres on a tractor have priced all makes am mainly on spud work which needs a good gripping cleaning tyre what are vredestein like for loose soil work
  11. Charles Quick

    Second tractor - which tyre!?

    Afternoon all, Due to circumstances we have decided to replace the tyres on our 20 year old MF6290. It was on Michelin XM108, 650/65/R38 rears and 540/65/R28 fronts. Great tyres in my opinion. Now our front-line tractor, an MF7480 is on identically sized Multibibs, 60% worn. Again decent tyres...
  12. CEAT Specialty

    CEAT Specialty Tyres Webinar - 23rd July 7:30pm - Emerging Agri Tyre Trends

    Date: Thursday 23rd July 2020 Time: 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM UK Time We invite you to a webinar, about emerging trends in agricultural equipment and tyres in the UK and Ireland. The webinar will be hosted by CEAT Specialty’s Head for the UK and Ireland region, Mr. Jonathan Mcluckie and will also be...
  13. W

    Massey Ferguson 165 rear wheels - change size?

    Hi guys, hopefully you can help? We have a MF165 we use to tow gangmowers at my cricket club, we are looking to convert to turf tyres at the rear. We currently have 28x14.9 tyres on and it would seem you cant get turf tyres in this size, I have been told a 16.9 set would fit and be ok for our...
  14. A

    Tyre pressure

    I have 550/45-22.5 on my 14ton grain trailer, what pressure should these be running at?
  15. Northeastfarmer

    Major tyre repair

    Does anyone know if it’s viable and who could do a major repair on this tyre...still plenty of meat on it and doesn’t do any road work now....had it repaired about 2 years ago but it’s failed just now....wether it wasn’t done correctly or not I don’t know....cheers Blue paint is just where...
  16. Ali_Maxxum

    Michelin or Trelleborg?

    Which would you choose? On a new tractor. Any user experiences welcome. Could have Mitas again but happy to pay the extra. Not interested in Firestone. BKT not an option. Have driven tractors with both on 650/540 sizes. I've never felt too safe on Michelins on banks, whether they've been pumped...
  17. CPF

    Warranty on tyres

    Some tyre dealers Will look after you if you’ve got an issue, And the manufacturer will keep the warranty quiet ,as normally they carry a three year warranty in the UK .But they will try every excuse under the Sun to get out of it. Just come across some farming papers I brought back from...
  18. M

    Loader Tractor Tyre Pressures

    Just wondering your views on tyre pressures for loader tractor. We have recently taken to a MF 5712 (66 plate) with loader including soft-ride. Unfortunately no cab suspension. Tractor used for general farm duties including loading and delivering hay bales. Finding it very uncomfortable and...
  19. Mounty

    Michelin vs Alliance - Worth the extra?

    Got quotes today on a pair of tyres today 650/75/R30. Michelin Axiobib and Alliance 372. The Michelin's work out £1250 more for the pair. They're also offering £250 cashback until the end of the month so makes them a grand more. Worth the extra wedge?
  20. Danllan

    The what I f^cked up today thread...

    A suggestion of @betweenthelines, probably long overdue for most of us, this thread seems like one with a real future to it... :rolleyes: I'll start, something relatively minor, but irritating nonetheless: putting in some thunderbolts to hold a mini-sleeper to a wall so I can attach some rails...