1. 7610 super q

    Sustainable farming.

    What is it ? I hear the phrase a lot, from DEFRA ministers, to well meaning numpties on my village FB page who've watched 3 episodes of Countryfile...... Traditional mixed farming ? Expensive no till drills, and trampling perfectly good grass into the ground ? Organic farming ? A mix of...
  2. Case290

    Chopped straw 👎

    Cloudy overcast combining, monster straw crop, blunt chopper blades claydon vdrill = unhappy farmer luckily it’s not all like it. Could use disc drill I guess probably be ok winter beans with a disc drill any advise
  3. B

    Strip Tillage and Poultry Manure

    We run a Mzuri drill and have recently built a broiler unit. We plan to utilise the muck on the arable land. My worry is spreading it pre-drilling - will we be caught out for not incorporating the muck into the soils? How do other people mange this? Is it left on top and you chance the rules...
  4. david

    Southern Ireland has emergency approval for use of diquat to desiccate potatoes

    https://www.farmersjournal.ie/derogation-secured-for-diquat-desiccant-spray-646913 What are peoples thoughts on this ? Sounds like Syngenta have produced some Reglone for Ireland judging by the new PCS number for this season.
  5. JD-Kid

    Kale and swedes

    any one planted both as a mix did it work or the kale covered the swedes over to much not planing to drill them just spun on with fert but could drill every other row if needed would just be a bit of a pain dry summers tho so swedes might not go too well could be the only factor.
  6. Farm Classifieds

    Claydon Hybrid 4.8m

    Claydon Hybrid 4.8m Advert added by: Jono Holland @Flintstone Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £45000 Condition: Excellent Description Claydon Hybrid 4.8M Drill 2016 year. One owner from new, and immaculately looked after. Full set...
  7. Agri Spec Solicitor

    MF 34 seed drill

    I have just ventured back into MF equipment and bought a model 34 seed drill. Some of the seed tubes are fragile, and some taped up. Please can anyone point me in the direction of where to source some new ones? Thanks.
  8. bobk

    Ploughing after glyphosate

    2 Days ? a week . ....
  9. Farm Classifieds

    WEAVING 4.8 Metre Tineseeder, 2005,

    WEAVING 4.8 Metre Tineseeder, 2005, Advert added by: Agri-Linc Farm Machinery Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £10850 Condition: Used Description How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this listing and contact the dealer
  10. Bupton

    Sky Easy Drill

    Morning Guys, Has anyone found any good or bad points about the sky easy drill? it looks a good drill, but not much in the way of covering the seed in a wet time? Theres just too much choice out there Cheers in advance
  11. K


    Sulky 3 meter drill with disc couter bar
  12. Jerry

    New long term ley seed mix

    Got a field that’s been grass since I was born that needs a fessed this autumn. Over summer it was sprayed of and redstart rape drilled to give it a break. Been grazed off once and will have a few more ewe lambs run over it again as a bit of regrow that showing and with today’s rain it should...
  13. M

    Traditional harvest - labour

    Just out of interest really - A recent conversation got me wondering about how much labour was involved harvest/threshing etc pre-mechanisation. I've heard a man could cut around an acre a day with a scythe, is that about right? If so this was obviously only the start - I'm guessing some of...
  14. Bupton

    Pottinger Terrasem

    Has anyone any pros or cons regarding the Pottinger Terrasem? i am looking over options for a new seed drill and have narrowed it down to 3 to look at and demo, 1 - Amazone Cirrus 2 - Kuhn Aurock 3 - Pottinger Terrasem The Aurock looks good but it is a good 25k dearer than the Cirrus and i know...
  15. Andyt880

    What to do with potatoes to leave them ready for harvesting

    We have 2 acres of main crop Maris pipers and a few drills of pinks which we will be hoping to harvest towards the end of the month. In terms of the size and crop we are happy with where they are at now. Tops are still very green and we would like to take the tops off soon and let the skins set...
  16. R

    So who has started drilling ?

    Normally try and drill first ten days of October but last two years have been caught by heavy storms just after drilling that has gone on for months, thinking of going early this time, what's are others doing ?
  17. Flintstone

    Suggestions please

    I’ve been a Claydon user for six years. Very pleased in general, but thinking about a system change maybe. if you were going to be direct drilling 90% spring crops, into cover crops, what would you recommend? Lots of flint (so minimal rubber please). 215 hp. Good trash capabilities. At least...
  18. D

    Flat wheat

    In these increasing regulation days of farming how are we supposed to deal with flat wheat stubble and if you want to go in to DD how do the drills cop with long flat stubble. Are we aloud to burn small areas of flat stubble With all this carbon talk or do we disc it to mix it up.
  19. Farm Classifieds

    T226231B - 2020 Used Vaderstad Track Eradicators

    T226231B - 2020 Used Vaderstad Track Eradicators Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £1200 Condition: Used Description 2020 Pair of Vaderstad Track Eradicators for RDA600 Drill How to make contact with the...
  20. Farm Classifieds

    T5009272 - 2015 Mzuri Pro-Til 3 Drill

    T5009272 - 2015 Mzuri Pro-Til 3 Drill Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £19000 Condition: Good Description Mzuri 3.00m Pro-Til 3 Drill, Mounted, Rigid, Tramlining Pre-Emergence markers, Year: 2015 How to make...