dual wheels

  1. box

    Buying a Same Silver 130, need advice

    Evening I'm looking at a Silver 130 in the morning, it's a trade in at a local NH dealership and is being sold as traded, as is and with no warranty. The price is right which is why I'm looking at it so seriously. I'm having it checked by my local SDF dealer before I purchase it, but is there...
  2. will_mck

    Turning a valve around on a wheel

    Hello, I'm sorting my combine for dual wheels in the event that next harvest is a wash out and I want to be ready. I'm afraid that this valve will catch on the duals when I'm putting them on or taking them off and then cause a puncture. Is this a tubeless wheel does anyone know? If so can I just...
  3. Highland Mule

    Auction bargains - things you didn’t expect to get as cheap as you did.

    Following on from @glasshouse ’s post: What’s the best bargain you’ve achieved at an auction? I’ll start with two that I’ve had on here before: £20 - I only bid to help the auctioneer out as it was clear there was no reserve and no interest. One of these -...
  4. Boomerang

    Pan Cracker on power harrow

    Got a 3m Khun power harrow running on a little nh6640 2wd. I'm sure there's no way I could fit and lift a pan cracker ,but is there a way to fit something to do the same job ,that my little tractor could handle.?
  5. Chae1

    Local farm sale

    My next door neighbour is retiring. Wouldn't get more genuine, well looked after machinery. https://auction.tsaauctions.co.uk/m/view-auctions/info/id/365
  6. Selectamatic

    Teach me about combination sowing...

    My Current Set Up... Followed by... It works well, especially in spring, where the soil is dryer, the weather better, and generally a better job all round. However, this year, like last, I've been caught out with the weather, done some ploughing, and waited for a little bit of drying that...
  7. copse


    How much hp would I need to pull a 4.6 m cultipress on ploughed land on with fairy steep hills? Thanks
  8. D

    Power Harrow Combis, Are they really any good?

    As title. Are they any better than an MF30 drilling onto power harrowed ploughed land after its dried off a bit? To me the weight on the back of the tractor looks horrendous and the dainty little suffolk coulters don't look up to the job. It looks like a steam roller closely followed by smear...
  9. PuG

    Landini Alpine 85, Duetz or equivalent for steep land work

    Finally come the decision we need to invest in a tractor and looking for some ideas. Main priority is that its very good on steep land, low COG, not massively tall but proportionally wide is fine. Up to 100hp. Front loader for stock feeding during the winter on out land, and helping the...
  10. Farm Classifieds

    Stocks dual wheels, 20.8 R38, JD yellow with clamps.

    Stocks dual wheels, 20.8 R38, JD yellow with clamps. Advert added by: Joel Prentice @PSQ Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Tyres Price: £600 Condition: Description Pair of Stocks duals in 20.8 R38. How to make contact with the Seller Click here to read...
  11. Farm Classifieds

    Pair Stocks dual wheels, front, 320/85-R28 (12.4 R28), with clamps.

    Pair Stocks dual wheels, front, 320/85-R28 (12.4 R28), with clamps. Advert added by: Joel Prentice @PSQ Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £300 Condition: Good Description Stocks front duals with clamps and good Continental tyres. How to...
  12. JohnGalway

    Older off road 4x4

    Posting here as I figure livestock farmers do the most off road work. I'm kicking around an idea to build an eggmobile, get me some layers and move them often, possibly daily. The eggmobile would be build on a single axle caravan chassis and weigh less than 900kg (should accomodate approx 350...
  13. norfolk'n'good

    Doncaster to South Norfolk

    Moorends Doncaster to Diss South Norfolk, 185 miles, a complete set of dual wheels, so back and front. Thanks
  14. P

    When does a tractor roll?

    Specifically a massey 135 with an 8ft mower on the back? We've lately taken on some rough grazing that has slopes that are steeper than I'm used to. How would I know the point where safe operation becomes risky? (apart from some innate 'feel' for tractor driving)
  15. PSQ

    Border Livestock Tender Sale / PSQ's 'Sale of the Century'

    Border Livestock Auctions are holding an online Virtual Collective Machinery Sale to be conducted by eTender. Tenders (sealed bids) to be emailed by Monday 3rd August at 12 noon I have a 'few' lots in, including: Trimble FM-750 GPS w/EZ Steer and brackets to fit NH T6/T7, full GPS steering...
  16. Headless chicken

    Artic trailer to ag trailer

    We’re in need of a decent bale trailer on some decent running gear. Current trailer just seems to blow tyres constantly even just carrying straw, suspect 50k is a bit unkind. I priced a new trailer and nearly fell over! We could do with something to be able to move fert so if we can get...
  17. melted welly

    Right of access and gates. In Scotland

    Bought land and farm buildings years ago, previous owner kept houses and old steading. Converted as much as possible to houses and he remained in farm house. Half the land is below the farm house. Access was via a road down side of farmhouse garden, he retained ownership of road. He then decided...
  18. Farm Classifieds

    Stocks dual wheels

    Stocks dual wheels Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £1100 Condition: Excellent Description Barum 20.8/38, Stock duals in yellow, 6 clamps with R clip retainer,hardly any wear. Mid Lincolnshire 07976705611 How to...
  19. Farm Classifieds

    Case Axial Flow 2166

    Case Axial Flow 2166 Advert added by: Sam Bailey @Broomy Machinery Details Category: Combines Combine Harvester and Accessories Price: £17750 Condition: Used Description Owned from new Selection of concaves Dual wheels available by separate negotiation How...
  20. jackrussell101

    Which size of dual wheels would fit this tractor?

    Hi all, I would like to be able to dual up our JD 3040 and just wondering what size dual wheels would fit it? Would 16.9/R38 be ok? Thank you in advance...