dual wheels

  1. jackrussell101

    Which size of dual wheels would fit this tractor?

    Hi all, I would like to be able to dual up our JD 3040 and just wondering what size dual wheels would fit it? Would 16.9/R38 be ok? Thank you in advance...
  2. norfolk'n'good

    Dual wheels wanted

    Rear dual wheels wanted, 650/65 R 42, in good condition please. Anyone got some or know of any available?
  3. Farm Classifieds

    Stocks Dual wheels

    Stocks Dual wheels Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £2500 Condition: Good Description Stocks dual wheels off John Deere 8530, fronts 600/70 R30, rears 650/85 R38. Both 60% tread. 12 full clamps and 12,long bars for...
  4. O

    Shaffer loaders

    Hi there looking at second hand scaffer bendy loaders, but there seems to be bugger all come up when you Google them good or bad. Before I go and have a look at one anybody running one or know what to look out for?
  5. Selectamatic

    Cage Wheels, are they really that bad?!

    Just thinking out aloud... Little David Brown and Box Seed Drill, would I see any benefit from adding a pair of cage wheels to the tractor for either winter or spring sowing? What's the good and bad things about them?!
  6. Two Tone

    Dai Barling

    I am saddened to hear of the passing of another great RAC stalwart, Dai Barling. Here are a few comments about him that I recently shared with John Wibberley, another RAC great lecturer What an incredible lecturer Dai was. But to steal a saying from an alternative sport to his favourite Rugby...
  7. Farm Classifieds

    Stocks 20.8 r42 and 16.9 r30 dual wheels

    Stocks 20.8 r42 and 16.9 r30 dual wheels Advert added by: Richard Ketteringham @Richardkett Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £2200 Condition: Used Description Full set of front and rear stocks dual wheels front 16.9 r30 rear 20.8...
  8. S

    Kramer - Clamp work & spec

    I'm currently looking at upgrading a Kramer 418T for a 750/680/**55/**95T. By upgrading I'd hope to gain and retain: - Boom suspension - Ability to clamp grass - Air con (not essential) - Ease of getting in/out. For those that have used them, would the hydraulics and power be enough on a 750T...
  9. Michelle_Nuttall

    Webinar: Tyres, Traction & Compaction

    AHDB Webinar: Tyres, Traction & Compaction Wed, May 6, 2020 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Speakers: Harry Henderson, AHDB and Stephen Lamb, Bridgestone Register here. In this session we will be looking at tyre technology and soil compaction, focusing on: • Tyre Choice • Benefits of a VF (Gen3)...
  10. Stags Farm Agency

    South West May Online Timed Auction - 12th May

  11. ih1455xl

    650/65r38 wheels value

    After being insulted with a value from a large tyre stealer next the fossway I thought I’d ask on here New last summer so only done 600hrs BKT agrimax RT657 650/65r38 on 8 stud rims 540/65r28 on 10 stud rims No damage or slices Was offered £1800
  12. Cmoran

    John Deere powershift

    Anyone here any experience of a 7700 powershift mate looking at 1 but I’ve never seen many around here what should he look out for?? TIA
  13. G

    TM/MXM Steering problem?

    My MXM140 is just a yard tractor for much of the winter. I'm now using it with a 6m grass harrow on the front linkage, 6m slitter on the rear and duals all round (front and back). With the front harrow and slitter folded I can hardly steer the tractor. Having to take several cuts to get...
  14. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  15. Rob_AD

    Duals on grass

    Has anyone tried dual wheels for grassland slurry application? We always run 710s at low pressure but ground conditions at present are horrendous with little signs of improvement on the horizon. At some point we will HAVE to spread and the clock’s ticking to get the nutrient on for the first...
  16. Bald Rick

    Silage 2020

    Airedale in first cut .... 100kgN/ha plus 140kg/ha sulphur on yesterday with a bosh of slurry on Monday should see us reet for cutting in 5 weeks Gods willing
  17. M

    Buckrake or fork?

    What’s best for clamping with a TM320S? 9ft KV tine buckrake or 9ft Hardox fork? Running dual wheels on the front.
  18. Dukes Fit

    Matching Imperial dual wheels to Metric tractors.

    Some real world advice sought and a lot of strange numbers involved. Tractor is on 650/65R38 rear and 540/65R28 front. Ideally I’d dual up with the same but can’t find any of that size and buying new is eye watering. From some internet searching it appears that a 20.8x38 is equivalent to a...
  19. D

    Dual Wheel size for 3m drill

    So whats the best tyre size for a dual wheel set up when running a 3m wide drill? The tractor is a 200hp size machine. Obviously we don't want wheeling sticking outside the drills working width but at the same time we want as much tyre on the ground.
  20. D

    Wide tyres, duals or tracks.

    So on a not for profit basis ie you want to have the best crops in the area. How should your tractor be kitted out to provide the best conditions for your seeds. I plough, contractor power harrow drills & we have grass, veg & potatoes in the rotation. So really need to plough especially when...