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  1. Bogweevil

    Ragwort vs mouldy s feed as source of stock losses

    What do you experienced stockmen think of this:
  2. B

    Grass yields 2021

    How’s everybody faired this year? We are a bit disappointed as Hay has averaged 3.40t/acre as a first cut. Then second cut hayledge has only done 1.5t/acre. The crops have all looked much stronger but then turned out light we feel. Just wondering if it’s the year or whether it’s time to reseed...
  3. H

    Mccormick or landini?

    Evening all, my first post so please be gentle. Thinking about getting a budget tractor around 130hp. Duties will be running a destoner, bit of trailer work etc. I'm drawn to either a McCormick mtx135 or a landini land power 135 due to minimal electronics and there being a few second hand...
  4. L

    Strategies for controlling docks.

    Things are going well. Organic matter levels around the farm are now above 10% and improving due to spreading our composted Seperated dung and good use of our “pokey” dirty water. We have managed to reduce our nitrogen usage too. however docks under this system are becoming a real problem and...
  5. Clive

    SFI Pilot questions / thoughts

    I’m sure we are not the only farm on TFF currently trying to understand and prepare an SFI application so I thought a thread to discuss and make sense of options maybe a good idea ? Have to say not finding the help line too helpful so far ! hows anyone else getting on a d what standards /...
  6. Agriland RSS

    SaMASZ mowers challenge the mainstream

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland SaMASZ is a company based in the the city of Bialystok which lies in in the north east of Poland. It was here, in 1984, that Antoni Stolarski opened a small workshop where he serviced and repaired cars. It wasn’t too long before he moved to...
  7. Hilly


    Why do we chop it ? Why can’t I just load trailers with handler run down row push up a heap load trailer tip in pit repeat ? Why bother with the expensive bit ?
  8. thesilentone

    When is the time to confront the elephant in the room ?

    Our action to negate or slow global warming is clearly not going fast enough. I don't point the finger at the UK exclusively, we are far from the worst offenders, however in general, are we doing enough ? Looking at Agriculture alone, currently social media is full of pictures of tractors...
  9. Bojangles

    Fat Hens will they eat them or am I going to have to kill the clover

    Got a reseed that is just full of fat hens 🤦‍♂️ I took the chance as it was sprayed off and put a decent amount of clover in the mix. Now I’m staring at a bloody mess. Have put ewes on it and obviously they are loving the grass but it’s becoming obvious as they eat it down how bad the bloody...
  10. agcon1

    GS4...any good as feed ?

    We will be establishing some GS4 , Legume and herd rich sward under a CSS agreement...Question is, is it any good baled and wrapped as feed?....would only be fed to heifers or young stock as belly fill along side crimped barley.
  11. Wynnstay

    Do you know the 7 Silage Sins?

    When it comes to producing good quality, nutritious silage small things can make a big difference. This is especially true of mistakes. A shortcut or a small oversight can ultimately result in silage that is unusable due to insufficient dry matter content or worse, silage that is dangerous to...
  12. Aspiring Peasants

    Topping grassland

    Just after people's opinions. What would you top this with? Rotary topper Flail topper Disc mower I've done it before with a rotary topper but I think it leaves a rough finish so the grass doesn't recover as well . Also used a lot of shear bolts. Cut it all with disc mower first year we had it...
  13. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Consider crimped grains to reduce energy shortfall

    Following a challenging grass silage making season, dairy and beef farmers are being urged to consider crimping any cereal crops to help plug the energy gaps. Bryan Buckley, regional business manager for Ireland at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, explains that because of the late silage season...
  14. George from SJM Planning

    Contractor for Smallholding - West Wales

    Hi all, We have a smallholding near New Quay and have 2.5ac (across 3 paddocks) that need cutting for hay. We have previously been able to cut and turn ourselves and contract for baling but this year we haven't got a mower so can only turn and row up. Can anyone recommend someone to mow and...
  15. O

    I remember when.............

    All this canter about electronics, powershift transmissions, computer control etc just makes me smile when I cast my mind back to 1966 when a new Nuffield 10/60 arrived to boost a fleet of 460's. My Gosh - 10 gears instead of 5 just with another lever! Whatever will they think of next?
  16. ccp contracting

    Forage Wagon work rate.

    I know its how long is a piece of string , but what sort of acreage would you like to be clearing on a 8 ton May !st cut on a 3 mile round trip on good roads with little traffic.
  17. A

    Kuhn merger 950

    Good evening, Wanting peoples advise/thoughts. We’ve had the Kuhn Merger 950 for a season and a half now. Got a few problems but the main one is the edge of the pick up reel dragging on heavy tedded first cut grass which causes lumps, belt blockages and a lot of ball ache! (and it doesn’t...
  18. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Careful management needed to overcome challenging silage season

    With unfavourable silage making conditions causing problems across the UK and Ireland, experts are stressing the importance of careful management and planning to overcome any potential issues at feed-out. Anwen Jones, regional business manager for Wales at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, explains...
  19. spin cycle

    gs4 legume and herb rich

    anyone grow this?.....whats it like to establish/weed control?.....can it make hay?...though nutrient depletion could be a problem :scratchhead: .......grazing wise what sorta lsu can it reasonably support without falling foul of regs:scratchhead: