1. Manny

    Ad blue filter on new Holland T7

    Has anyone changed there own as the manual says get the dealer to do it. Can it really be that hard to do or is it yet just another money maker for the dealers.
  2. BRB John

    Valtra vs Massey Vs Fendt

    Just been looking at Valtra's A series and G series and can't but help notice that there is significant similarities to Masseys 4700 series and the new 5S and it got me thinking about the structure of AGCO while I assume they will go the same way as CNH, SDF and Argo at some point it seems...
  3. The Agrarian

    Ad blue

    I've just got my first ad blue s/h tractor a few months ago, NH T7. Ad blue might become very expensive soon. Thinking of getting it mapped out. Are there drawbacks?
  4. Agriland RSS

    International Harvester’s Neuss factory – an untold tale

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The bright red and cream colours of Neuss built International Harvester tractors were once a common sight on fields across the whole of Europe and many of those tractors are still running here in Ireland. This livery gradually faded as the colours of...
  5. cousinjack

    Telehandler vs tractor for daily chores ?

    I have lately been wondering whether feeding up our cows every day with a telehandler is as efficient as it appears?? telehandlers by their very nature are fuel hungry with big engines, torque converters and heavy weights? With diesel going up as it is - I’m going to experiment with running...
  6. Smokey16

    Massey ferguson 399

    I'm thinking of getting a massey ferguson 399 just wondered if it would drive a claas 250 rotorcut round baler.
  7. M

    Nokia Ground King

    Have a tractor that's due a new set of tyres and looking for people's thoughts on the Nokian ground king tyres. According to Google and some Germans they are a very efficient tyre... Unsure if that takes into account Scottish v weather though! For a Maxxum 150 so nothing to big!
  8. L

    5130 case maxxum

    Hey I have a 5130 case maxxum tractor and when you put it in gear sometimes it will not engage when you release the clutch and then you mess around with it it will start working again. When it doesn't engage you can put it in a different gear and still won't work then you mess around with it...
  9. diggerjones

    Case cx90

    Problem with brakes. Been to it today and brake peddles went straight to floor. Where do i start? Thanks
  10. Agriland RSS

    Machinery Focus: CASE IH updates to tractors and loaders

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The Farmall C series of tractors has always been targeted at the more modest sized farm, or those with jobs requiring a less than average power output. This does not mean, however, that its model development is neglected and Case has just announced a...
  11. N

    Amazone uf1801 plus 1000ltr FT

    Whats minimum size tractor to handle such a rig? Looking to tread lightly for aut spraying, would have a bigger tractor available for spring work. Anyone know what lift capacity required?
  12. FarmyStu

    New old gearboxes

    Just flicking through a John Deere 6030 tractor brochure from 2011. They were still offering 12/4 SyncroPlus gearbox for this range. That's a fully manual box, no clutchless shuttle or splitter. Has anyone here bought or used one? I know these type of boxes are still offered in other countries...
  13. Mccormick 94

    New Mccormick Tractors

    Hi all Noticed quite a few people have questions about the newer McCormick Tractors as they're gaining market share. If you'd like to know anything about them then please just ask and I'll do my best to answer. Please don't ask for prices as that's a job for your local dealer! Also please...
  14. CPM RSS

    Latest kit on display at the Midlands Machinery Show

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Tackle enthusiasts will have one of the first opportunities in two years to get up close to the latest kit at this year’s Midlands Machinery Show, 9-10 November. Despite huge challenges in the supply chain, exhibitors have pulled out all the...
  15. FendtRunner86

    Tractor looks

    What brand takes the lead in design?
  16. JCfarmer

    Which verge mower and what size tractor for a 2.2m

    Thinking about buying one to run with a front mounted 2.8m topper or use on its own for verges and siding hedges. Would go on a Maxxum 120 for hedges, I realise it would power it fine but what about weight when fully out etc?
  17. bobk

    Is this a scam

    Looks like one to me
  18. redsloe

    Case puma cvt experiences again!

    Looking at changing my AP 6145R but the money is massive so I'm looking at options and the case has caught my eye. It looks like it's had a face-lift recently and would be interested in more recent verdicts than the 4 or 5 year old ones that I've seen on here. Also would appreciate views on...
  19. B

    MF 7719 experiences

    Hey everyone, having a look at some new tractors. The Massey 7719 S has caught my eye. What are peoples experiences off them?
  20. Farm Classifieds


    CASE IH 5140 POWERSHIFT Advert added by: Leon and leon Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £12500 Condition: Good Description CASE MAXXUM 5140 POWERSHIFT How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this...