1. jacobl741

    towing with 2 litre amarok

    My dad has a 15 plate 2 litre amarok, 180bhp. Its the auto version, what are these like for towing a trailer full of cattle? Might be borrowing it while i sort another but dont want to ruin his truck, would i be better just using the tractor? If its decent may be an option for my next one...
  2. jacobl741

    nissan navara any good?

    wanting to know if the new navaras are any good? Obvoiusly there was horror stories about the d40 model, does the the new have any common issues and whats it like as a daily vehicle/farm vehicle towing and stuff.
  3. Robt

    Mitsubishi pulling out of UK?

    This just came up on Twitter. Maybe @Cowabunga knows more? Mitsubishi has written to its UK dealers and informed them of its plans to withdraw from the UK and European markets. According to reports in Automotive Management, Mitsubishi plans to retain as much of the 103-strong dealer network as...
  4. B

    4x4 pickup

    Navara, ranger or similar must be a twin cab, about 3k budget, asking for a friend, pm any info and I’ll pass it on, cheers
  5. GT7810

    Discovery 4 vs Touareg

    Would like to hear peoples experiences of running these with over 100k miles on the clock. What are your opinions of them, whats the reliability like at that age/miles and what are they like as an overall farm truck. Feel a Touareg would be too fancy for a farm truck but seem to be able to get a...
  6. D

    Navara np300 what seat covers + floor mats ets.

    Just got electric blue nguard. Wanting to keep it smart aswell as work Anyone got these floor mats in auto no there's look to fit well, do these type cover the foot rest? What about these covers for over the back And these seat covers, will the fit...
  7. C

    New Chinese loaders & telehandlers?

    Hello TFF, Some brand new Chinese telehandlers and wheel loaders floating about. But does anyone have one, and are they any good? HZM, DGM, Herecles. North Norfolk Vehicle Solutions seem to be offering various models between 10 and 20 grand. Need something small and nimble for daily yard work...
  8. Mounty

    Mitsubishi L200 - Any good?

    Don't let this turn into a thread about various pick ups. I've got 3 different makes so know a bit. Need to get a second hand pick up for someone and seen an L200 with Truckman Top and tow bar fitted, so these 2 extras will save me nearly £2k over any truck that doesn't have them. It's a 2017...
  9. jacobl741

    Which 4x4 car?

    Looking at swapping my 15 plate dmax for a car rather than another pick up. Will be used as a daily, towing cattle trailer and flat trailer, and going in fields abit to look my cows. Thinking possibly a discovery, anyone got any suggestions on which would be best?
  10. Farm Business RSS

    Rural diversity and inclusion in the spotlight at the OFC

    Written by John Swire A joint Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) fringe event organised by The RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission and AgRespect, was held at the 2020 event prior to lockdown. At the event, over 150 delegates had an open debate about how farming and rural communities could...
  11. simon-0116

    4 x 4 seat covers

    Good seat covers for a pick up. Currently using town and country but forever putting them back on / ripping them.
  12. S J H

    Truck vinyl matting

    Does anyone know a of a firm to fit vinyl matting to a navara? Fed up with carpets with dust and dog hair. TIA
  13. Rock and Roll Farming RSS

    More Listening, Less Shouting

    More Listening, Less Shouting Written by It feels like the World is on fire at the moment, and everyone has an opinion to share on the #BlackLivesMatter marches going on around the World. For this episode I spoke to livestock vets Navaratnam Partheeban @navaratnampart1 & Claire Whittle...
  14. C

    Leasing a new pickup.

    Any website recommendations? Or go to companies?
  15. Farm Classifieds

    Nissan Navara Tekna 2017

    Nissan Navara Tekna 2017 Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Farm Vehicles Pickups and Vans Price: £16500 Condition: Excellent Description Nissan Navara Tekna 2017 Twilight Grey, Manual 15,600 miles Immaculate condition BFG A/T 90%...
  16. D

    Ranger thunder xlt 2.5td 04 2k revs only !?!?

    If you Unplug the map sensor (boost sensor) the thing revs like normal and has boost when driving , but only limp mode with it plugged in . (Same with a new mAP SENSOR I BOUGHT) I've cleaned the egr system which was completely blocked in 3 places and cleaned maf sensor . Serviced it , checked...
  17. Mydexta

    2011 Touareg as a towing car

    Has anyone used the above for towing up to its max at 3.5t and how was it looking to replace a disco 3 and saw this at the right money
  18. bobk

    Anyone got a scrap Ranger ?

    With the Mazda engine please , tia
  19. MassiveMassey

    Nuts in my air filter

    Here’s an odd one... Ive recently bought a Massey 35 3cyl and I thought I would take the air filter off for an inspection as I doubt it has been replaced for years. I was somewhat amused when I removed the oil bowl at the bottom and found it full up with hazelnuts and acorns. My theory is a...
  20. N

    Wanted at some point: a smallish tractor with a biggish lift

    The little grey Fergie we had when I was a kind occupies a central position in my memories of life as a farming child, first on our smallholding, then on a miniature dairy farm not far from Llandysul. Small, neat, purposeful, the Fergie revolutionised what we could do with our land. Obviously...