1. tr250

    How to control soft brome

    we’ve got a field of W barley that’s got a bad brome problem, I knew it was there in the wheat last year as it had a few bits that had been waterlogged and killed the crop but I’d no idea it would be as bad as it is the field hasn’t had brome in before 3 years ago and was permanent grass till...
  2. J

    Situation Vacant Harvest Vacancy - East Yorkshire

    LKL Farming grow 1600 acres of crops near Howden, East Yorkshire and are looking to recruit a machinery operator / tractor driver for Harvest. We grow wheat, oats, oilseed rape, vining peas and sugar beet. Our machinery fleet includes New Holland CR9080 combine, Challenger 765E, Sands sprayer...
  3. R

    T3 and rain

    So, will light rain (0.5mm drizzley stuff) immediately after application of a teb and strob have ballsed it up ?? Asking for a friend 🙄
  4. Guiggs

    Suckler cows.. is it worth it?

    what's people's thoughts on starting a small suckler herd.. Grazing is owned or very cheap rent, we can make our own hay/ silage and swap surplus for straw, can winter in owned buildings and can buy the right calves at the right money to bring on as the herd females. Currently have a simm and...
  5. B

    What! No one read the Telegraph this morning?

    Really helpful and balanced three page piece (The great plant based con). Just the type of thing many on here have been hoping would be published.
  6. L

    Whats wrong with this spring Barley?

    Some of the leaves are showing this yellowing, 1st noticed it when I was spraying it with Jaunt on 28th May, it has got slightly worse since then. If it doesn't get any worse from now on it won't affect the yield much but does any one know what has caused it?
  7. P

    Wheat planting as beginner

    Hello as an amateur farmer I would like to ask about good starting tillage equipment I would like to hear your advice on pillaging. I am very confused about the path that I should follow. I am planning to plant wheat on my bigger field, barley, and oaths on the nearby smaller fields.I got a...
  8. O

    Blackgrass for idiots

    Its a long time since I did any arable farming or crop spraying, so please excuse my ignorance. It has become quite apparent here in France that my neighbour - a good tidy farmer - is getting a BG problem. He doesn't plough but on our argilo calcaire land [chalky clay is the nearest...
  9. C

    Ragwort in silage bales

    Thoughts please? Got a field with beautiful ryegrass and clover, but plenty of ragwort... Would be for low yielding dairy cows. TIA
  10. muppet

    Cereals for pig feed

    I’m normally lazy and just buy bagged cake as I only have a handful of weaners, but with prices rocketing, I was wondering about alternatives instead. What do other people feed in terms of straights and making up their own rations? I’ve got wheat and barley on farm (and occasionally oats) but...
  11. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Reap the rewards of wholecrop on farm

    While it may be tempting to sell cereal crops due to the high prices they are currently fetching, putting these crops into the clamp as wholecrop could offer a better return, by reducing the amount of purchased feed required next winter. The hike in input costs means that many producers are...
  12. M

    Chopping wheat straw

    Hi We’ve always been a straw selling farm. systems are changing fertiliser more expensive but so is diesel!! what are the pros and cons of just turning the chopper on ? Who chops and who sells? ( I understand mixed farmers will need their own straw) Im thinking of chopping all the...
  13. B

    Herbal Leys for Sheep

    Thinking about putting in some GS4. Looks a good option with the payment and cost of N. But where we would put it is only really suitable for sheep. How are you managing the 5 week period? Does it really need cutting after this as it will be way past its best for grazing? Also do we need to be...
  14. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    UK wheat balance eases while barley remains tight

    This morning, AHDB released its latest UK cereal supply and demand estimates for 2021/22. Since the previous forecasts in March, changing trade dynamics and increased market volatility have impacted import and export forecasts for most commodities, as alluded to in yesterday’s Grain Market...
  15. topground

    Round bale hay and silage use by dates.

    How long will well made round bale silage retain its feed value? How long will well made round bale hay retain its feed value? I have sourced some made last year at fair money to both parties as a strategic reserve and I am wondering what it’s reasonable shelf life might be. How old was the...
  16. B

    BBC AGAIN!!!!!

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-61565233 Funny how they don't produce articles showing how many arable businesses are going into or incorporating livestock production to boost soil health and cashflow.
  17. andybk

    Grazing wheat in winter , (golden hoof)

    This poped up on twitter , thought it might be interesting to anyone thinking of doing the same going forward , (i know its been threaded before but couldnt find relevant one )
  18. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    UK trade, shifting the balance of domestic S&D?

    Tomorrow, the latest 2021/22 UK cereals supply and demand estimates will be published. Ahead of this, I will be looking at HMRC trade data season-to-date headline figures. With tight domestic grain supply and demand, can an updated view of trade alter this balance? Wheat imports strong Wheat...
  19. TFF

    AHDB planting and variety survey

    The AHDB Planting and Variety Survey provides the earliest view of the planted area for the upcoming harvest in the United Kingdom (UK). Complete the Planting and Variety Survey The survey will estimate the area of cereals and oilseed rape intended for harvest in 2022 in the UK. It aims to...
  20. H

    Spring barley gross margin

    Anybody got a spring barley gross margin? Thinking of putting it in the rotation.