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    T2028030 - 2016 CAT TH407C Telehandler

    T2028030 - 2016 CAT TH407C Telehandler Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Telehandler Price: £43500 Condition: Good Description 2016 CAT TH407C 4WD Telehandler 7m Reach, 3900kg Lift...
  2. mobileweld

    Cheffins cambridge sale

    Hello are there many others on here that attend? thought we could have a thread going and ask what things made ect. I didn’t go today but I was there yesterday having a poke around. Bit of a social thing maybe have a forum meet up???
  3. LAMMA365

    EIMA Show 2021: Top tractor developments and concepts under Italian lights

    As the first international machinery showcase for nearly two years, exhibitors at EIMA Show were awash with brand new machines, plenty of updates and concepts to sate the visitors’ demand for new equipment. Alex Heath reports on the tractor developments from the exhibition halls in Bologna...
  4. H

    Grizzly WTF is it for?

    Just seen this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Doppstadt-Grizzly-DT32-agricultural-tractor-/403243200862?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 DAF motor but what’s the point/use for it?
  5. tr250

    Valtra N series tractor

    has anyone got one? Really like the look of them in the cab but not seen one in the flesh we are looking for an extra tractor to take the strain off a tractor with 12000 hrs but keep the old one as a spare. Jobs would be grain/silage cart, rolling, mowing, spraying with big mounted sprayer, fert...
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    7M006131 - 2020 Manitou MLT1040 Telehandler

    7M006131 - 2020 Manitou MLT1040 Telehandler Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Telehandler Price: £87500 Condition: Good Description Manitou 10M MLT1040 Telehandler, 4000kg lift, 145hp Powershift...
  7. Farm Business RSS

    David Brown anniversary at Newark Vintage Tractor Show

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The David Brown Tractor Club is preparing to celebrate 60 years of the 880 and 990 at the Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show on November 13 and 14. The club stand will showcase some of the earliest 990 and 880 models brought to the show by...
  8. D

    Telehandler Size

    I’m not a fan of large machinery but the time has come to replace the manitou MLT626. With more wagons to load since the livestock went should we be moving up to 3.5 ton lift capacity? We load maybe 1000 tons a year. Not much compared to some but lorries like to be away quickly. I really liked...
  9. T

    Are Contractors rates having to go up.

    Due to the hike in machinery and fuel costs along with the increase price in electricity and the standard of living.We do a small amount of contracting and grain drying and I feel we will have to charge more to make it worthwhile. Thoughts ?
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    CASE IH 5140 POWERSHIFT Advert added by: Leon and leon Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £12500 Condition: Good Description CASE MAXXUM 5140 POWERSHIFT How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this...
  11. B

    Opinions on John Deere 6195M series.

    Looking to swap our JD 6920s in. Not looking for much more hp or spec than what we have. Just something simple reliable and user friendly. Really have no intention of considering an R series so realistically we would look for a low houred 30 series or an M series. Operator opinions would be...
  12. Farm Business RSS

    Sharmans pose skills challenge at Midlands Machinery Show

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Farm equipment owners and operators will be challenged by dealer Sharmans Agricultural to demonstrate their skills behind the controls of an electric JCB mini excavator at the Midlands Machinery Show at the Newark Showground in November. Managing...
  13. holwellcourtfarm

    Upcoming auction following sad death

    On October 2nd Thame Farmers will be holding the auction of the assets of a local lad who sadly died recently. Adrian ran a contracting business and his sale includes a number of classic tractors and equipment that may be of interest to regulars on this thread. The catalogue is here...
  14. melted welly

    2nd hand replacement tractor

    Don’t like buying stuff, enjoy the end result, don’t like the process. looking to replace a tractor with something in the 170/180hp range ideally no more than £70/75k so in the 4-6000hr area. Few key criteria: 6cyl Ideally vario Not too heavy Manoeuvrable (for traile planter) Comfy cab, decent...
  15. kevindb880

    JCB 530/70 transmission hooter

    It drives fine but once it gets hot when you change direction the hooter blips and the transmission light flashes, has done it on the odd occasion previously but seems to be doing it more often now! it has done over 6000 hours.

    New telehandler time

    What’s the thinking on new handlers now? Ive a Merlo 32.6 that’s due refreshing 1000hr ish a year but don’t like the look of these new deadman switches that seem to be coming in. Is this all over the new market board or just Merlo? Would be thinking along the lines of a 42.7 or 38.10. Any...
  17. J

    forage wagon

    do about 50 acre silage all between half mile and amile good road network what are forage wagons like diffrent sizes and tractor size and output , would like to clear 20 acres aday of single cut. any thoughts much appreciated
  18. bobk

    Anyone replaced a torque converter on a JCB loadall

    Is it easy ?
  19. M

    MC cormick cx95

    Hello all. I was just wondering if they're any good. And what common faults do they give
  20. LAMMA365

    User review: New Holland T5.140 with clever transmission is worth its substantial price tag says one Welsh contractor

    Combining a four-cylinder punch, dual clutch transmission and a high level of specification, New Holland’s T5.140 DynamicCommand is aimed at farmers who need greater performance and comfort from a smaller tractor. Consequently it comes with a substantial price tag, but is it worth the money...