1. Clive

    New SFI Capital grants on used machinery etc

    In the recent DEFRA q&a with Janet Hughes we discussed a members question that asked why capital grants were only available on new equipment when most farmer bought used Reason given was it was very difficult to set a mechanism that wasn’t potential open to abuse from dealers etc (or how do you...
  2. mrsmojos


    Hello! New problem...we recently bought a small holding and our field has ragwort. After enquiring into dealing with the ragwort, we were advised to cut it, and when it begins to grow again we can get it sprayed.... ...we bought the old (very old) tractor the previous owners were selling with...
  3. R

    What do you do when you're absolutely exhausted?

    Working every day from 6am until 8pm is taking a toll on me now, I feel exhausted all the time.
  4. CORK

    Cultivation of WOSR stubble

    After two consecutive years of severe slug damage in wheat following WOSR, I’m adopting a new (to me) approach. We are plough based. Gave the osr stubble a run of a light disc (Amazone Catros) immediately after harvest in dry weather. Just gave it a second run today 3 weeks after the first...
  5. M

    Direct drilling turnips into hard sprayed off grassland

    Will direct drilling work very well if ground is quite hard? Would be turnips into sprayed off grassland
  6. M

    Which feed wheat?

    Looking for a new feed wheat. Has anything performed well the last few years? Not Extase!
  7. paul&mandy

    Talk to me about footvax

    We have always been battling with scald that turns into footrot, this year being warm and very damp it's been a nightmare. We've split everything up at weaning to isolate any bad feet but it's a hard battle. Foot bathing with formalin I'm sure has made it worse. Now the lambs will be going off...
  8. Sandpit Farm

    How late is it ok to spray nettles?

    We have rain forecast for the next couple of weeks here. I have some hill ground that is riddled with nettles and I have been carefully spraying with a knapsack on dry days in between other jobs. How late in the year would you spray? I feel like some of the more mature plants aren't really...
  9. yellowbelly

    Guess what's for breakfast.

    You know the mushroom season has started when you can see the beggars from over a quarter of a mile away. Well, I thought that's what they were and @MrsY B confirmed it, through the binoculars from the bedroom window, before she set off... Soon she'd run out of basket capacity...
  10. A

    The Beltex is supreme.

    Carlisle today - about 700 shearling rams averaged £1500, with a top price of 30,000 gns. I can't remember being at a sale with as much buzz and enthusiasm. And the same will happen next year after about a third of the purchases have died. :banghead:
  11. W

    Extase potential problems

    I have heard from my agronomist today that someone not far from me PE9 postcode, has been harvesting extase with a yield of about 2 t/ha. Apparently KwS are looking into this. Has anyone else had any problems.?
  12. Jackov Altraids

    Is it time to acknowledge the difference.....?

    ....... between an agri-business and small holdings/family farms? I try to read a large portion of all that is written on TFF and I see a continuous and growing divide/ confusion between these types of farming. The problems, needs and benefits are so often polar opposites between these types...
  13. bobk

    5.5 million EU citizens claim ......

    Settled status in the UK , wonder how many UK expats applications have been approved in the EU . not many I suspect .
  14. Kidds

    Roundup Ready Ryegrass The surprising bit is it is also Paraquat ready. Paraquat is banned now but having used it extensively when it wasn't I am surprised to see resistance...
  15. Kevtherev

    Advisory group

    If you had a collective TFF advisory group here’s some of who I’d vote in Minister of lime @Cab-over Pete Minister of organic farming @Sid Minister of ploughing and cultivations @7610 super q and @Bury the Trash Minister of sheep’s @neilo Minister of alternative businesses @Clive Minister...
  16. G

    Flatlifts and grassland.

    We have panning and need to subsoil/ flatlift. mainly loam, which has panned, over gravel/sand. Need to go down below 12" to break it. Looking at something like a Spaldings Flatlift to buy (not new!) or hire. All our ground is grazing and silage, can you mow after flatlifting assuming its done...
  17. gwi1890

    Charmoise tup for ewe lambs

    Been thinking of buying a charmoise tup For ewe lambs, what are the pros/cons of using them? I get they are slow growing and pull less on the ewe lamb but do they have a tendency to get fat at low weights? Ideally I want a scenario thats more than “getting a lamb through her” and have something...
  18. neilo

    TFF Grass Roots Group

    I've just been looking through this week's Farmers Guardian, and saw three quotes from members of the 'TFF Grass Roots Group' in the first couple of pages. If there are a group of people that purport to represent us, then shouldn't we at least know who they are?
  19. R

    Moving a hedge

    Obtained planning permission to form a new field entrance Planners requested that hedges be set back slightly for visibility splays (1metre max) The hedge in question is 10 years old and in good health Wondering about digging a trench 1 metre wide and o.4 metres deep behind hedge then pushing...
  20. G

    Optimum to sow rape

    Is it to early to drill rape yet thinking go next week ?