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    T224804B - Used Chafer Row Crop Wheels

    T224804B - Used Chafer Row Crop Wheels Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £2950 Condition: Used Description 1 Pair of VF480/80R42 - 80% Good Row Crop Wheels To fit Chafer Sentry Trailed...
  2. N

    Trailered or self propelled sprayers

    Considering a budget of 15000. Do you go for a old self propelled or a newer trailered sprayer,
  3. Wigeon

    Tell me about chafer sprayers

    Getting to the stage where my old Bateman is due for a change. Have spotted some 2nd hand chafer sentry 5000s with 36m booms, and wondering about them. Are they any good? What is a pressure based system like compared to flow? Anything to watch for? Not having an engine, wheel motors, etc...
  4. Genesis

    NH T7.225 or T7.230

    Hi, just wondering what are people's views on how these 2 tractors compare to each other? Having driven a few Auto command equipped T7s recently, I really like the transmission. I realise that the SWB only has a 2 range transmission compared to the 4 ranges in the LWB, is there a noticeable...
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    John Deere launches its biggest ever trailed sprayer

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland John Deere’s new R975i sprayer is the biggest trailed model the company has ever produced. This 7500L machine will join the rest of the R900i Series line-up, with tank capacities of 4400L, 5200L and 6200L, in 2022. As with other sprayers in the...
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    [Other] Amazon Trailed sprayer 24m UX3200 Special

    [Other] Amazon Trailed sprayer 24m UX3200 Special Advert added by: Russell Group and Hallmark Tractors Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Trailed sprayers Price: £24000 Condition: Description Amazone UX3200 Sprayer, 2011, trailed, special spec, 24m...
  7. H.Jackson

    John Deere 195r or 215r

    Looking at next tractor hires, have Massey 7722‘s at the moment JD very competitive just wondering on opinions of Wether the 215 price difference gives significant in field performance boost over the 195, either would be on command pro. Many thanks in advance.
  8. C

    Ford 8340 Transmisson pressure light .

    The hydraulic pressure light, the one above the hare symbol is after coming on along with a beeping alert . Have changed all the filters but no avail The book says the symbol represents steering port , trans pressure . . A pressure test of the packs indicates the pressure is within its range...
  9. P

    Massey 87 vs 8S

    Being that you can't get an 8s Vario I've been looking at an 8727. They look a big old lump but only 0.05cm longer wheelbase are they practicable as an all rounder or they a big tillage lump only! Main jobs be 3m Sumo, 5m Carrier, 5m Drill and 4000L 36m trailed sprayer in early spring before row...
  10. J

    John Deere 5100M with 732 sprayer - speed

    Hello all, I'm trying to optimize our already 6 yo setup here. We're running a JD 5100M with a M732 (year 2014) trailed sprayer controlled via the Implement Display 1100 (part no. AFH210446). We would like to get the speed taken into account to keep our application rate stable. If someone is...
  11. shumungus

    Trailed Quad Sprayer pump

    Fed up with messing about with 100l sprayer on quad, temperamental pump, sprayer on quad when you need it for something else etc. I have a 400l ex Hardi tank and frame and am going to build a trailed sprayer mainly for lance and small boom work doing hedge bottoms, lanes, yards etc. It will have...
  12. TBradbury

    John Deere trailed sprayer crabbing on slopes

    Using a John Deere 952i trailed sprayer at work and whilst it pulls in line on flattish ground or going parallel with the slope direction (it gets calibrated) it has a tendency to pull to one side when crossing slopes running out of the tramline by about 4-6 inches. Any ideas if there is some...
  13. W

    Tractor hours

    How many hours is reasonable for a second hand tractor? I understand some is more then others but my understanding is limited to distance on cars, not hours on tractors unfortunately. Thanks.
  14. GrantMo

    Row Crop Wheels

    Wanted - set of 12.4 R46 & 12.4 R32 or similar for valtra tractor. Preferably 8 stud with a 220mm centre hole but could adapt if required. Also second pair of 12.4 R46 with same stud pattern to fit trailed sprayer. Scotland preferably
  15. Agriland RSS

    Amazone, Bosche and BASF reduce herbicide use by 90% with new sprayer technology

    Written by Justin Roberts Amazone is trialling a new smart sprayer, which its claims can reduce herbicide use by up to 90% through the use of jointly developed software capable of sorting weed and crop plants for individual treatment. The digital system has been developed as part of a...
  16. Nsoiled

    EMLID Reach RS+ Set-Up with FieldBee

    Hi all, Looking at setting-up a basic trailed sprayer rig with cm accurate GPS. The Reach RS+ is now £520, this looks a good deal. What's people's experiences with using it as a single unit? And also, anyone still using this set-up with FieldBee app? Cheers, N
  17. hillbill

    The on-going up hill battle that is agriculture.....

    It would appear iam not alone in having difficultly getting and keeping decent staff? Is it a nation wide issue or more regional? Wheres the best place to find the unicorns that maybe out there? Also, machinery price increases are a constant issue to us. I know theres nothing we can appear to...
  18. Kildare

    Free flow return.

    I have a trailed sprayer needing a constant hyd flow to operate the booms. The two pipes are plugged into the standard couplings on the tractor. No problem until I changed the tractor to another. I find the return pipe has popped out a couple of times. What's the problem. Worn coupling? Too...
  19. S

    Which mounted sprayer

    Thinking of swapping our Amazone 28meter 2000L mounted sprayer. Been a good sprayer but only thing that lets it down is the time it takes to fold/unfold. Anyone running a landquip or kuhn. And other make with a tidy folding boom worth looking at.
  20. Kate_PaceWard

    Farm accidents claim four lives in three weeks

    I've just been reading the latest Farmers Weekly Magazine and saw the article 'Farm accidents claim four lives in three weeks' which I found quite shocking. I there a way to make farming safer? Or do you just accept the risks? I'd be interested in peoples thoughts....