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Probably been asked many times, but I can’t find any posts, I need to replace 16.9/r34 on mf5610 loader...will I notice much difference between the likes of bkt or firestone or vredestein which price wise I call mid range tyres and the cheaper MRL or alliance.? Tia

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Buy cheap, buy twice.

Especially running a loader tractor with all that back and forward

Ask your local tyre dealer about any offers. You may be surprised


Put new Klebers on a 5455 last autumn. Very pleased with them. I think there was £350 cash back on a full set via manufacturers and NFU


in the 85 series I would say anything but bkt, not near the tyre the 65 series is in bkt. have a set of 20.8r38 on a tractor here and cant wait to see if they ever grip like any other tire and very sore on ground I find.


I’ve just fitted some ceat tyres to front of a loader tractor . Price wise they were about twenty pound cheaper than bkt but have a considerable warranty on them and bkt don’t. They look a good tyre when on
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An acquaintance was here with his 05 MF 6465 a couple of months ago . He had a new pair of CEAT tyres on the front of it . I passed a remark to him , as to how he thought of buying them ? Usual replacement "budget " tyre around here is BKT , followed by CULTOR , and possibly Firestone.
His reply was , " Local tyre man was keen to sell them , they have great warranty , are very slightly cheaper than BKT., which I find good . But , whatever they are , they couldn't be any worse than those Firestones that are still on back/just replaced on the front . Softest tyre I have ever had anything to do with ".

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