Mass tractor theft


3 tractors pinched at a dealer south oxon last week , 8 200hp tractors pinched last night west oxford , Was a worry that as soon as folks resistance to lock down wavers thieving will go into overdrive.
You would think something could be done to make them more secure. I had a count up the other day, and based on newspaper reports, at least 15 Gators and smaller tractors have been lifted within about 5 miles of here since last winter. Thinking seems to be that they are loaded onto lorries very locally and sent off to Eastern Europe before the theft is noticed.
Surely the only way to start these tractors as modern as they are is with a key which I would guess is coded
all cnh are keyed the same
I lost 2 tractors in December 4 in the shed they took the smaller power shift models left the complicated automatics

the only solution is engine processor imobiliser but then when it malfunction the dealer cost
anything the manufacturer does will be circumnavigated by the thieves

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Innovation and tech in action at Cereals LIVE

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