North East Wales
Bought a GBX75 last week which is supposed to have the new extreme boost technology as the GBX155, but with 2750A, I fully charged it but wouldn’t even register when I tried to jump start a little Massey 390T. Charge lights on the NOCO were all flashing in sequence instead of being a solid green light; tried several times and play around with the crocodile clamps but all I got was the flashing lights and a regular loud clicking sound from the booster every two or three seconds.

Took it back to Halfords and they refunded my £250 without any quibble. Luckily I wasnt actually relying on it but rather just trying it out on a dead battery. I know that NOCO are supposed to be the best on the market but this has put me right off their products.

PS Also impossible to find an independent main UK importer to ask for informed advice and problem solving etc.


Arable Farmer
I got one, but wasn't very impressed with it, and sent it back as faulty. When its replacement arrived it wasn't any different so just assumed that is how they are. That then died after 18 month, it still works but only if you hold the ON button all the time, which isn't very useful if you can't reach the ignition key at the same time!!
Replaced it with a Portable Power 1800RC and I have been much more impressed with that to be honest. It's bigger and heavier, but it hasn't disappointed me.
TFF should just employ me as a bot/product placement advisor and just pay me to send out these absolutely essential products that are so blindingly obvious they should be mandatory for continued TFF membership. You really should have a NOCO on the farm and one of their trickle chargers, too.

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Applying principles of regen ag can incur a range of on-farm challenges. Learn how innovative tools & machinery can help with these hurdles.

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