"The best purchased farm inputs come coiled up"

Couple of conversations on TFF last few days have had people thinking about farm inputs.
Are the best inputs "coiled up" , "in a tin" , "home grown" , or should they just "fall from the sky" ?
What's your best input?
I think water pipe and electric fencing.
I agree with your two, I keep going back to something Greg Judy (I think it was) said, anything you put between a cow and her dinner costs you money.


On a livestock farm:

Permanent grass with thistle, ragwort and nettle control.

No reseeding or forage crops, so no annual weeds.

Lime and phosphate, Nitrogen if needed, and a harrow to stitch in a bit of clover.

Stock-proof fences.


Weather, fencing (electric or permanent) for subdivision, and lime.

Reseeding with more productive species is transformational, but a waste of money if you haven’t got the pH right first, the weather to suit it, or the fencing to keep it suitably managed.
Finally got the t-shirts from those important processes, so the next is stitching in to upgrade :cat:

And then repeat.

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