Worming dairy cows

Is there any advantage to worming cows at drying off time,would 1st calf heifers do any better with worming at drying off. Would it only reduce the cows natural immunity to worms . Never wormed cows before or seen the need
Think there was a campaign a few years ago ( I assume by someone selling wormer ) that there were benifits.
You could, Get the vet to do some worm counts.
and / or Select (say ) 10 heifers coming up to drying off.
Worm 5. Don`t worm 5
Compare their weight gain when dry , milk yields, fertility etc etc over the next 6 months
Put your results on TFF ;)
East Mids
We get a milk test done every autumn, most years it says no need to worm, this year it did.so we did. Cows are mainly in milk at that time but we wormed before we started service (obviously tied to a more expensive nil milk withdrawal wormer).

Get ready for pest monitoring, advises PGRO

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham

The Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) has issued new advice to help growers understand the importance of measuring pest populations before any decisions are made on insecticides. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Ahead of the trapping season, the PGRO has produced a new masterclass video to help growers understand how to trap and assess pest populations. The key advice is that using a range of preventative tools will be crucial for farmers looking to reduce cases of pea and bean weevil, pea moth, and silver Y moth this spring, while finding more sustainable ways of farming in line with new agricultural policy, according to the PGRO’s research and...