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    Arable Chat , the new podcast from Agronomist and Arable Farmer

    Written by Lydia Turner Agronomist and Arable Farmer brings you the latest industry news and hot topics from the arable world in our brand new monthly podcast, Arable Chat. In the first ever episode of Arable Chat, hosts John Swire, Agronomist and Arable Editor, and Lydia Turner bring you the...
  2. G

    What to do?

    Hi all, First post on thefarmingforum. We are a beef farm on former sandy heathland that we now graze and cut for hay. Soil is very light and sandy with some clayey bits but this is mostly SSSI. pH low 5’s so have just limed our two best forage fields at 3t/acre with the 2mm to dust stuff.....I...
  3. A

    T1 Fungicide advice please

    Hi all. Have been sent Skyway (very expensive) by my agronomist to apply as a T1 alongside Toledo, which I already have in stock. Wheat variety is Costello which I believe is very tolerant against rust- is there any advantage to applying the Toledo AND Skyway or can some more experienced arable...
  4. M

    Farmer BASIS

    Hi all just wondering how many farmers on here have done their BASIS? Is it easy enough to do and worthwhile doing? My current agronomist is planning on retiring soon and I just thought it’s something I could do. It can’t be that difficult can it? My agronomist tells me that he needs to...
  5. A

    Situation Vacant Agronomist in carbon payment programme!

    Are you know an early career agronomist in the UK? A daughter or son of a British farmer? Or someone with an excellent understanding of farming in the UK? Someone that would love to be right at the heart of the first certified, multi-national carbon payment programme for farmers in the UK and...
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    Leading consultants join Ceres Rural

    Written by John Swire Four well-known farm business consultants with many years of experience have joined Ceres Rural, expanding its specialist team. Bringing their combined expertise to the new consultancy at a time of great change in the farming industry, all four are already engaged in...
  7. nick...

    Bit of a dilemma

    Ok all my winter barley and wheat only had half dose of nitrogen.barley currently around 8 inches tall and the stem is starting to fatten up for ear emergence.agronomist advises to get rest of nitram on but having had no rain for 5 weeks it’s pretty dry.still getting a good dew in mornings but...
  8. Clive

    No fungicide 2021

    nearly may and yet to use a fungicide, crops spotless clean cold, dry - could this be the first year we don’t use this group of chemicals at all ? rain could change things yet but it will need to be significant now to rebalance smd’s anyone else not applied a fungicide to wheat or barley...
  9. Phil P

    National Trust destroys decades-old Bassenthwaite grassland

    Oops 🤦🏻‍♂️,
  10. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?
  11. James


    Anyone using this stuff
  12. Chae1


    What are people's views/experiences of using biostimulants as a replacement for fungicides? Particularly Scyon. I questioned the inclusion of it from agronomist today and said it would replace ctl.
  13. Cowabunga

    The squeeze on milk and meat continues...

    From today. Radical new climate change commitments will set the UK on course to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035, Boris Johnson will announce this week. Hitting the targets would require more electric cars, low-carbon heating, renewable...
  14. W

    Could kick myself (moddus cock up)

    Had a really busy day today, and made my first ever spray cock up, Was putting some Magphos and amino on my wheat today, and after talking with agronomist a few weeks ago I said send out some teb for the gleam and a bit of moddus or equivalent for a couple of really forward fields. Anyway...
  15. U

    Plant nursery business

    Hi, my relatives and I are about to obtain 20 acres or so of farmland in South Cambs which we would like to use for a plant nursery business. We're currently working on the business plan and are fishing for ideas. I just joined the forum wondering if I could perhaps be put in touch with students...
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    269: How using the Pest Bulletin helps to forecast, monitor and protect crops

    269: How using the Pest Bulletin helps to forecast, monitor and protect crops Written by AHDB The AHDB Pest Bulletin, hosted by Syngenta, provides forecasts and up-to-date reports for most key field crop pests. This podcast looks at the Pest bulletin tool and new tools in development and how...
  17. Laggard

    OSR fungicide

    With November 2021 OSR worth £410/t+bonuses what are peoples thoughts on fungicides? A lot of OSR round here is struggling with CSFB and sharp frosts every night.
  18. Fergieman

    N Rates Applied

    Just been doing the sheets for last application of fert to w and s barley. What rates of nitrogen are you applying to your cereal crops? 220kgsN/ha w wheat 200kgsN/ha w barley 125kgsN/ha s barley Adjusted for any manure/slurry applied.
  19. C

    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    No significant amount of rain in the forecast. Should we be getting concerned yet?
  20. M


    I'm not an arable man but keep an eye on hat's happening and am interested in the way the industry is headed. A fella near us has been sowing spring barley after getting caught out in the back end and left with a few hundred unsown acres. Most fields were disced twice, subsoiled, roterrad...