1. Bald Rick

    Dirty Tory

    Wonder which Tory MP it was who was watching a mucky video on his phone in the Chamber of the HoC ? What a numpty
  2. crofteress

    Vets no longer working in outlying area

    I have/ had very good vets for the last 6 years. They have written to all farm/ equine clients saying they are no longer going to be our vets as the distance is too far for out of hours work. There are a lot of us , this is recent as of two days ago. There is another practise but so far have not...
  3. M & M

    Situation Vacant Arable Operator Required 1 full time permanent and 1 seasonal

    We need an arable operator to join our experienced team in our farming, contracting and straw procurement business. The candidate will need to be a good team player with attention to detail and will be able to transfer skills across a range of farm machinery. Further training will be given for...
  4. JP1

    Rwanda, air miles and British benevolence

    I’ve had to listen twice to the radio announcement this morning to make sure it’s not April Fool’s Day
  5. 7610 super q

    Marine Le Pen.

    Apparently, her name is not Marine Le Pen, but Far Right Marine Le Pen according to the BBC. 🤷‍♂️
  6. AT Aloss

    Register as a user of professional plant protection products (PPPs) and adjuvants

    This isn't an April Fool. If you are professionally applying plant protection products in agriculture or amenity, you will need to register by 22 June 2022. This is a new legal requirement, regardless of size of your business. The requirement is governed by the Official Controls (Plant...
  7. czechmate

    The french election

    Mrs. Czech was telling me that if in the first round (baring in mind there are 12 candidates) one candidate receives 30% or more of the vote, then there isn’t a second round🤔 I wonder when this last happened. I wonder, if, with the popularity of Macron, it will happen this month?
  8. Farming Monthly National RSS

    Bringing variety crop plots together for better comparison

    Written by Administrator from Farming Monthly National Crop plots are back centre stage at the Cereals Event, meaning visitors can compare top varieties side by side. The winter wheat and barley feature showcases new and popular Recommended List varieties, says arable project manager...
  9. G

    Situation Vacant 2022 Seeding Position Available - Western Australia

    🌱2022 SEEDING POSITION AVAILABLE 🌱 KUKERIN, WA Are you looking for a change of scenery? Want to develop your experience by operating big machines and putting in big acres? keen to see what Australian farming has to offer? Then come and join us for the 2022 Seeding season! We are a family owned...
  10. G

    Situation Vacant 2022 Seeding Position Available - Mixed crop and Sheep Farm - Western Australia

    Are you keen for a change of scenery? Want to grow your experience by operating big machinery and putting in big acres? Looking to experience all that Australian farming has to offer? Then come and join us for the 2022 Seeding Season! We are a family owned mixed crop and sheep farm located in...
  11. Derky

    Situation Vacant Grain Store Manager Vacancy - Oakley, Buckinghamshire

    L F Pearce & Son are arable farmers and agricultural contractors running modern and up to date machinery based in Oakley, Buckinghamshire. We can store up to 10,000 tonnes of crop on site at any one time. We store for a range of merchants and farmers locally. Farmers and hauliers deliver to the...
  12. yellowbelly

    f**k Up Fortnight

    'Twas always thus - that 10-14 days in the run up to the start of lambing heralds the onslaught of TLD, prolapses, blown guts, abortions and the 1001 other things that can go wrong with sheep :banghead: Many moons ago, when I was young and keen, an old bloke once told me, "A farm or a piece...
  13. B

    The nigel farage appreciation society

    A safe haven for all nigel enthusiasts to say what they really want to
  14. S

    Situation Vacant Poultry Handlers required

    Poultry handlers required to start ASAP. Full and part time positions available. All training and PPE supplied. Accommodation could be available for the right candidate. Driving license an advantage but not essential. Starting pay of 10PH and 30 days holiday per year. Email; [email protected]
  15. F

    Situation Vacant Experienced Arable Operator Required 4500 acre Northamptonshire

    We are looking for a full time arable operator for our busy 4500 acre farming and contracting operation Mid Northamptonshire. We use up to date modern machinery equipped with GPS and cloud based crop recording systems. The successful candidate with be proficient in drilling, cultivations &...
  16. T

    Situation Vacant Part time GFW position N Yorks

    Turns out I can't do it all by myself, need a capable, enthusiastic and good humoured individual to help on a beef farm with a sizeable sideline in firewood. Part time role but could be made full time for the right person. Must be interested in cattle and/ or timber. Calve 50 sucklers each...
  17. O

    High pH.

    We have tested our soils, all are high pH, high magnesium, low sulphur and manganese. Is there any product that could be used and make our 3 and 4 index P&k more available. All fields are temporary and permanent grass.
  18. Agriland RSS

    ‘Farm communities must not be scapegoated in climate bill’ – Brolly

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland Aontú candidate for East Derry, Gemma Brolly, has called for a commitment from Stormont to support and fully engage with the farming community following the passing of Northern Ireland's first-ever Climate Change Bill this week. The historic bill, which...
  19. Jackov Altraids

    British Farmers to cut production by half ?

    Proposed headline: “In light of the massive rise in the cost of farm inputs, the confusion surrounding the phasing out of BPS and the Environment agency persecuting farmers with its wrong interpretation of legislation, the NFU have taken the unprecedented step of advising all farmers to cut...
  20. D

    Rhetorical question, but pressing.

    There can be no logical answer to this: but it has to be a question that any rational person globally is asking. How can one man, or rather one revolting monster, bring so much death, destruction and utter misery to so many millions of people; and ultimately be in a position to threaten to...