1. Premium Crops

    NEW Avadex factor EAMU for Canary Seed

    NEW Avadex factor EAMU for Canary Seed NEW Avadex factor EAMU for Canary Seed ‘Growers will welcome the addition of Avadex Factor to the limited herbicide armoury available for weed control in Canary Seed’, says Barrie Hunt, Technical Manager of Gowan Crop Protection Ltd. ‘Premium Crops have...
  2. Premium Crops

    New EAMU for Basilico provides opportunity for linseed

    New EAMU for Basilico provides opportunity for linseed Controlling weeds in winter and spring linseed will now be much easier with the approval of an Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU) registration for the maize herbicide Basilico. Manufactured by off-patent manufacturers Life...
  3. dragonfly

    AB9 drilling

    Right, we've had some rain. So who is drilling AB9 now? Is it warm enough, or should we wait another week or so?
  4. Bob lincs

    Cover crop oats

    We have a field that was due to be drilled with beans this spring so in the backend we drilled a strip 21m wide diagonally across it with 30kg/ha of oats as a cheap cover experiment. Over the winter we had a bit of a shuffle around with our cropping so this field is now drilled with spring...
  5. sjt01

    US President cites cover crops in speech

    Biden's speech to Congress mentioned cover crops to counteract global warming, and paying for them.
  6. Boomerang

    What's this, please?

  7. Clive

    No fungicide 2021

    nearly may and yet to use a fungicide, crops spotless clean cold, dry - could this be the first year we don’t use this group of chemicals at all ? rain could change things yet but it will need to be significant now to rebalance smd’s anyone else not applied a fungicide to wheat or barley...
  8. MX7

    “Hemp”have any of you grown it in the Uk?

    I ask,as my wife has said a client of hers was looking in to growing it. No gibberish please. :rolleyes:
  9. J

    Intercropping linseed and winter beans

    Hi, Some of my winter beans haven't weathered the winter very well and I've got a few bare spots appeared. I was thinking of ripping up some of it the other day, but now they improved a bit and with the dry weather I am worried that putting the linseed in might end up leaving me with nothing...
  10. Against_the_grain

    Millet winter cover

    Have fields going into spring linseed next year and want a cover crop over the winter. Have some millet seed and wondered how this would do through the winter, being planted in August and the linseed drilled in March/April. Thought about mixing it with some OSR seed we have left over ir even...
  11. C

    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    No significant amount of rain in the forecast. Should we be getting concerned yet?
  12. I

    MAYA -NUFARM ????

    Im a newbie to this forum, started in our back garden and moved on to half acre and know thats still small scale compared to everyone here but has anyone on here used Maya by Nufarm UK just would love your thoughts and advise etc on this.
  13. T

    Mixed Sunflower seeds

    Does anywhere do mixed Sunflower seeds? I would like to plant a few small paddocks approx 5 acres with a diverse mixture of head sizes, heights, colours, etc I can't find anyone doing something like this other than garden supplies selling them by the packet. Also could these be direct drilled...
  14. Banana Bar

    How late for linseed

    I’ve got 45 ha of linseed that I’m due to drill. Situation is heavy clay that was cultivated in the autumn with a Horsch Terrano and left, therefore it’s not quite level enough to drill into without moving it. The temp is very low and there is no rain forecast for the foreseeable future. I could...
  15. farmerfred86

    Frost intolerant covers

    Im considering a winter cover of frost intolerant species. Likely to be buckwheat, phacelia, linseed etc The idea is to provide cover into winter but leave the field clear for spring drilling without the need for destruction. I find it essential on heavy clays to get the land to dry out ready...
  16. P

    Does bean straw burn alright?

    I have been burning OSR straw in my Farm 2000 boiler for years now as loose baled mini hestons. However, no one around here can grow OSR anymore so I was just wondering what experience people have with burning bean straw and how it compares? Any tips on how it should be baled and how easily...
  17. Dman2

    AB 9 Winter bird mix

    Have some of the above to sow Can use 90% cereal, so we are using oats seeing as we have some. What rate are people sowing the oats And do you mix the other seeds with the oats to sow or sow seperate. Cheers
  18. cricketandcrops

    Future cropping

    Not missing growing oilseed rape, looking at keeping things simple with wheat, barley and beans, which of below do people think is best: 1) spring beans, winter wheat, winter wheat, spring barley, winter barley 2) spring beans, winter wheat, spring barley, winter barley, winter wheat 3)...
  19. Alistair Nelson

    Now there’s a drill for somebody! Now here is a drill for somebody the ultimate 750a
  20. W


    So we’ve only got Defy - see attached, but having applied this in the autumn we’ve now got ryegrass come back through so we must be resistant to that as well. Tried ploughing and it doesn’t work. Tried No-Till and that doesn’t work. Tried spring crops and they aren’t working. Tried maize and it...