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    Great Britain milking herd sees further decline

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Great Britain’s milking herd totalled 1.67 million head as of October 1, 2021, a decrease of 1.7% compared to October 2020, according to recent analysis by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). In October 2020, Great Britain’s...
  2. jerseycowsman

    Roof mounted wind turbines?

    I see you can get up to 9 kw turbines to go on your roof. I may get a couple for my dairy shed to help cut grid power use during milking. Anybody with experience or suggestions? I am from windy Cornwall
  3. W

    Peracetic acid — pre dip

    Anybody use peracetic acid as a pre dip? What concentration is safe? Do you use a foaming cup or an ordinary dip cup?
  4. melted welly

    Storm Arwen vs Net Zero…..nature vs arrogance??

    Our power has been out since 5pm Friday, estimated that will be back by 6pm tonight, but not holding our breath, there’s a lot of damage. Our house is old, draughty, inefficient insulation, single glazed windows, heated by a mixture of oil and wood. Everything about it is a black mark...
  5. Fergieman


    Our farm is supplied with a split phase or 2 phase depending on who you speak too. So we have 2 x 80amp supply fuses. Our generator is a magmate 40kva single phase 83.33amp according to the plate. Does this mean that's its sending 40amp to each phase? It's now not big enough to run all the...
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    ForFarmers appoints new UK robotics commercial manager

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland ForFarmers continues to expand its offering to robotic dairy herds with the appointment of Laurence Loxam as UK robotics commercial manager. With extensive experience in the robotics sector, Loxam will use his knowledge and experience to develop a more...
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    Maintaining silage quality during the winter period

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland The housed period has begun on farms, with silage pits now being opened to feed stock for the winter ahead. Farmers will have worked hard to preserve the forage in the pit so limiting the amount of spoilage caused when feeding is important. There...
  8. Northeastfarmer

    Storm Arwen

    Has given us a right good kicking all night, and still is….Electric has gone and there’s some very dangerous sounding gales. hope everyone is staying safe out there
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    Quality stock remain in demand at autumn dairy sales

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland The autumn dairy sales have seen the demand for high quality stock continue from the spring sales and even 2020 dairy sales. Agriland spoke with Michael Taaffe of Taaffe Auctions to garner some insight into the trade at Taaffe Auctions’ recent sales...
  10. L

    Paddock Water Infrastructure

    What size pipe are people running as the main line for water troughs? 100 milking Jerseys. Furtherst point from borehole is about 800m. I want lots of flow so I can use smaller troughs. Is anyone using Kiwitech troughs for dairy cows?
  11. M

    Just puncture the boats

    A hedge cutter would make short work of those expensive inflatibles.
  12. J

    Cows gorging cake

    So in the latest antics of why I've had a f**king enough, a portion of the milkers (25ish) escaped last night and have broken through my gates (and of course bent them in the process) ans then helped themselves to a tonne of dry cow rolls, 1-2 t of calf cake and half a tonne of grass seed Do I...
  13. B

    Organic dairy

    Hi guys just looking for opinion, I was thinking of starting a small organic dairy farm of 35 cows , mi have contacted lots of companies who are willing to take my milk , opinions or ideas welcome
  14. Northumberland

    Career options for the ageing shepherd

    Looking to the future post 55- 60, I can't see me continue to manage as a contract shepherd or employed shepherd. No plans or wishes to retire but what options will there be? Work beyond farming seems alien but I'm not naive to think the body will want to fight sheep into retirement. Ideas thanks
  15. J

    Calf rearing set ups

    Following on form my post about an auto feeder which I don't think will work now, please could everyone send through photos of how they do it, what they do up to weaning and what with? In addition the photo shows my yard layout, the blue represents my ponds in the middle of the concrete, and...
  16. DairyGrazing

    Leak between compressor and air purge.

    The purge for the end of milking and the wash cycle is leaking air. There is a compressor with a plastic air line running to the box at the back of the parlour. I've have check all the fittings and they seem fine. I've shut the tap off on the compressor and it builds up air. Once I reconnect the...
  17. J

    Automatic calf feeder

    Looking to possibly get one under the grant scheme, any to avoid or are they all much the same? any that come with a weigh scale too - would be interesting data to see?
  18. C

    Grazing inlamb ewes on osr

    Been offer some feilds of rape that a chap drill and has failed only about half to a 3rd has grown. He wants what's left grazed off before he drills wheat in the feild would it be safe to graze inlamb ewes on this. There is also volunteer barley which had been sprayed off and gone yellow? Thanks
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    Internationally Acclaimed Dairy Genetics To Go Under The Hammer

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Harrison & Hetherington is gearing up for its globally recognised Black & White sale which will be held on Saturday 4th December at Borderway Mart, Carlisle. The sale will see over 100 consignments from across the UK and Ireland go under the hammer from...
  20. glow worm

    To mask up or not?

    With parts of Devon & Cornwall currently having the highest cases of Covid in the Country ( according to the BBC news) what does everyone think on whether or not mask wearing should continue to be encouraged? With nearly all our local shops / businesses still asking for people to wear masks...